Will Meghan Markle Walk Down The Aisle In A Caroline Castagliano Dress?

There’s another royal wedding on the horizon. Meghan Markle, the popular actor notable for both her performance in Suits and her humanitarian work, is set to wed Prince Harry of Wales. Her future sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (known more commonly by her maiden name, Kate Middleton), broke with tradition in 2011 when it came to choosing a wedding gown; instead of opting for a British fashion house, Middleton wore a gown by American designer Alexander McQueen. Will Meghan Markle, an American citizen, follow her lead? Or will she, as a means of ingratiating herself with her new British family, opt for a UK label?

Our guess is that she’ll choose a gown by Caroline Castigliano, a British designer who has been creating extravagant bridal gowns since 1991. She has dressed celebrities and royalty alike.

For North Americans who may have not yet heard of this blonde, fifty-seven-year-old fashion powerhouse, Castigliano’s star has been steadily rising. Following the success of her first business in Florida, through which she designed sportswear for women under the label Survival Kit, Castigliano returned to the UK and began designing bespoke luxury bridal wear. She placed a special emphasis on corsetry, designing dresses with feminine silhouettes, and that signature construction prevails today in each and every handmade gown sold from her Knightsbridge flagship store.

Why might Markle choose to wear Castigliano on the big day? Well, the blonde designer is one of the go-to names of the British luxury bridal market; in fact, her boutique is the setting for a Channel 4 documentary called How The Rich Get Hitched, which offers a window into some of the world’s most extravagant weddings and the gowns fit for such lavish affairs. Castigliano has created dresses that range from a £40,000 gown for a Saudi Arabian princess to a £9,000 gown for a hotel heiress, the latter of which was made, according to The Daily Mail, from one of the world’s most expensive silks.

A recent press release stated that Castigliano has already begun sketching options for Meghan Markle. “I think Meghan will wear a gown that is classic yet sensual and stylish with a modern highlight,” says Castigliano.


Kate Middleton famously commissioned not one, but three designer dresses for her own big day in the event that details of one gown were leaked. Will Meghan Markle follow suit? Given the media frenzy around her engagement and impending wedding, it’s likely. But as for whether a Caroline Castigliano number will be amongst those commissioned, or whether she’ll actually don one of these luxe gowns on her wedding day, remains to be seen.

For all those dying of curiosity, we can take comfort in the fact that the world will know when Harry does!