Who Runs The World: The Best City Running Tours

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For the well traveled, finding new ways to discover the world can be a real challenge. While many tourist hotspots offer increasingly unique and exciting ways to visit an area, they can quickly become old hat as more and more intrepid travelers set them in their sights. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind city experience, it can sometimes prove to be a little tricky.

Luckily, however, something that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of travel is the city running tour. Giving tourists almost unrestricted access to the cities they visit, running tours are the perfect way to get to know a place’s layout while taking in some fresh air. Pounding the pavement can enable us to take in all of the city’s sights in one fell swoop while at the same time achieving something phenomenal. That’s not bad for a day’s traveling.

New York City Running Tours

While countless New Yorkers take to the streets and parks in order to get their hearts pumping, until now you might have been hard-pressed to find a tourist-friendly group that offered a safe route while taking in all of the major sites. These days, however, the New York City Running Tours span a number of different distances around the city, each tour taking in a major region or neighborhood. While you can experience SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown on the Immigrant’s tour, you can also have a leafier jog if you follow the Village route. New York is a multifaceted city and these running tours offer a glimpse of its many sides.

Rome Running

Renowned for its ancient monuments and archaeological finds, Rome is a city steeped in history. While many of the major sites are concentrated within the same area, taking them in all at once can feel overwhelming. If you’re looking for a whistlestop tour of the city, Rome Running has you well covered. Spanning 6.5 kilometres that include the river Tiber, the Spanish Steps and Trevi fountain, this tour offers real insight into Rome’s ancient past.

Maraton Turk

Visiting Istanbul in Turkey is high up on many people’s travel lists and, if you want to experience a completely different side of the city, you might just need to take your sneakers with you. Including elements of both walking and running, this tour is more leisurely than others of its kind, enabling participants to really get a good look at the architecture en route. Straddling the city’s European and Asian borders, the tour crosses rivers, goes underground, and takes in some of the most incredible historical sights along the way. Better yet, it all culminates in a cup of traditional Turkish tea, perfect for refueling after a day on the pavement.

Running Copenhagen

Although Copenhagen is famous for its bicycles, increasing numbers of locals are taking to the pavements and running their way around the city. Joining them is a great way of seeing the city and getting acquainted with its layout. The tour group offers a number of different journeys, ranging from the general city tour to jazz tours, sauna tours, and an uninhibited jog through the laid back Christiania district.

Running Tours, Melbourne

Fast making a name for itself on the travel circuit, Melbourne is a city upon which increasing numbers of travelers are setting their sights. And for good reason; with a burgeoning foodie scene and an explosion of arts, the city is undergoing rapid changes and at the heart of something very exciting. Getting to know it through a running tour is a novel approach to tourism, fitting in nicely with the city’s laid-back, experimental style. Taking in a number of local parks, landmarks, and tourist sights, this running tour is a great way to get to know Melbourne better and to check off smaller places to visit when you’re taking it a little more slowly.


Running tours are becoming more and more popular amongst international travelers and it’s not hard to see why. Taking in a number of popular and lesser-known routes, they offer newbies the chance to see travel destinations up close and personal and get acquainted with the rhythms of these places before following their own paths.

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