VAND: A Sophisticated, Game-Changing Shower System

We wake in the morning. We groggily turn on the shower. We check the temperature. Warm enough? Good.

Aside from our brief thermal assessment, we likely don’t give the water streaming from our taps much thought. If it’s clear, it’s clean, right?

This is the fallacy that Stok Labs Inc., a Washington-based start-up, is eager to have us rethink. The reality is that the water we expose ourselves to each day — a 10-minute shower alone, the company says, puts that measurement in excess of 20 gallons — is filled with chemicals, minerals, and biological pollutants. Of course, this will vary based on your municipal water source or private well. But with access to clean water becoming an ever-growing concern around the globe, it’s hard to have true peace of mind whenever we stand in front of a faucet.

The other reality is that individual water needs vary as much as water supply; demographics, hair and skin type, medical conditions, the time of year, allergies, etc., all factor into the way in which our bodies react to water.

The solution, as envisioned by Stok Labs., is an active filtration system called VAND. This cylindrical loop functions as the intermediary between water pipe and shower head. This universal fixture houses a dual filtration system, with one filtration cartridge working to remove harmful impurities from the water, while the other enriches it with vitamins and minerals. Dirt, rust, odour, chlorine, and microorganisms are instantly removed, and the water is infused instead with a healthy cocktail of things your body actually needs. Water becomes instantly better for your hair and skin; think fewer outbreaks, irritations, dryness, etc. According to the company, this softer water even means that products like shampoos and conditioners are able to do their jobs more effectively. This is especially useful for those with chemically treated or coloured hair. It’s also ideal for those who suffer from eczema or other skin conditions.

The company promises that it is constantly evolving and improving. “We leverage data and science to customize your dual-module VAND system,” they say. “We keep our process dynamic, perpetually analyzing macro and micro data, testing and re-testing your used cartridges, tweaking our algorithms, and applying the latest research and technology.”

What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means that cartridges are individually customized based on data from your geographic region and local water supply, as well as personal preferences. The device comes with a free one-year subscription for cartridge replacements, which are shipped directly to your door. It’s also designed to be installed without the need of a plumber or permission from a landlord; it fits seamlessly into an existing shower system in an installation so quick, the fastest lab record for setup is just 28 seconds!

In a time when we need to be increasingly wary of our water supply, even in first-world countries (the alarming water crisis in Flint instantly, and painfully, springs to mind, as does Chromium-6, the chemical you may remember from Erin Brockovich), VAND is an accessible, simple solution from a company committed to better hygiene and a safer world. Forever homes, tiny homes, Airbnbs, RVs, rental apartments, sublets…this easy device is a suitable, seamless installation for anywhere one calls home.

VAND is currently in the project backing stage. If you’d like to support this hot new tech device, visit here.


Images via VAND.