TROVA: Security Goes Stylishly Undercover

Aruliden is an international design agency that prides itself on an “ability to think big while being small.” Founded by Rinat Aruh and Johan Liden, the team operates out of offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Amsterdam, working to create brands, products, and experiences with cultural significance. An eclectic portfolio ranges from award-winning hand-blown bowls to campaigns, products, experiences, and packaging design for elite brands like BVLGARI, Hugo Boss, and even the MoMA.

This team’s big-but-small mandate applies to its operational approach and methodology, but it can also be found in one recent concept creation of a new biometric security device for TROVA: a discreet storage container that “makes a statement by saying very little.”

Aruliden partnered with TROVA to create two products: the TROVA GO and TROVA HOME, designed to protect our valuables on the run and in our domestic spaces, respectively. They are strategically designed to not resemble lockboxes or safes; the TROVA GO, in fact, could almost pass for an eyeglasses case. Both are smart devices that utilize the biometric security native to our phones. TROVA approached Aruliden with a vision for a protective vessel, one that could house small objects of monetary, sentimental, or legal value—jewelry, credit cards, money, passports, legal documents, etc. Aruliden answered with an object that would prioritize safety, organization, and peace of mind, but look attractive at the same time.

The TROVA HOME and TROVA GO are both wirelessly connected via Bluetooth. A corresponding app allows only the owner, or those who have become paired users, to unlock the devices by way of biometric scanning. (Thumb, retina scan, or pin code.) A silicone over-mold further secures items and traps odours in or out; our Canadian readers may want to consider this as a safe way of keeping cannabis out of the hands of curious children.

The development process for these products was elaborate and intensive, with TROVA and Aruliden considering form factors and sealing solutions that could be applied to these products as well as hold promise for future applications. Aluminum die forging, CNC machining, and an anodization process all ensured a vessel that was both durable and robust.

Both models are built from aluminum alloy, a product chosen for the fact that it manages to remain lightweight while providing incredible strength and durability. Inside, ridged sliding trays can both separate and cradle items. A multi-function storage strap with magnetic ring clip and sidecar box, also found in both models, keeps things from getting cluttered and helps the user conveniently access important items on the fly.

A system of smart notifications provides further peace of mind. When the app and TROVA disconnect, for instance, an alert will appear on the home screen of the user’s phone. A “never lost” feature uses the phone’s built-in GPS to identify the last known location of the TROVA before this disconnection occurred. Push notifications will also occur when the TROVA has been left open (a great perk for the absentminded!). And specific to the TROVA HOME, the user will receive an “On the Move” alert when the device has been relocated or opened by another user.

The TROVA HOME features two internal USB charging ports and plenty of space for multiple devices. Available in either a sandstone or charcoal finish, this version comes with an attractive footed base for presentation and stability. It is also battery-powered, which keeps it freestanding.

The TROVA GO is available in sandstone and charcoal, with additional options for either a smoky fog colour or a warm olive green. At 6” x 2.9” x 1”, this one is perfectly sized to fit in the pocket or in a handbag, briefcase, knapsack, etc. Optional for purchase is a natural leather sleeve, which protects the aluminum of the TROVA GO while providing additional discretion and functioning as a streamlined accessory.

Photos via @trovaofficial (Instagram)