The Top 8 Cell Phones Coming Out This Year

There are some serious technologically advanced cell phones out there, ones that will change the way we use them in our day-to-day lives. Smartphones are getting faster, smarter, and offer more features with each passing year. Here are this year’s top releases:

#1 & #2 – Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung S8 is the most advanced of the S-series of smartphones. Compared with all other phones released in 2017, it is perhaps the best looking. This year, the company has focused on enhancing the way users look at all the fast-paced applications, pictures, and video on the Galaxy S8, with a curved screen spanning 5.8” from one side of the very thin bezel to the other. The battery also lasts longer than those of other brands. These phones already have a record of accomplishments that please the user at every opportunity.

The Samsung S8 Plus and its little sister make the top 2 thanks to their elegant design, fastest speeds, and software and hardware advantages. This large phone features a 6.2” screen, and if you love a bigger viewing surface, this is the only phone you should be looking for. Even with the larger screen, it is engineered to have a lengthy battery life.

#3 – Google Pixel

Google has dived into the cellphone market and subsequently produced some of the best devices. The competition has their work cut out for them with this year’s model. The Pixel has a fantastic camera, even in low-light conditions. The aesthetic design is arguably its best yet. Google Assistant is updated to be faster and easier to use. It does have a smaller screen, but for those in search of something bigger, Google offers the Pixel XL.

#4 – LG G6

LG is a fantastic company that makes excellent electronics, and these phones are no exception. The LG G6 is water-resistant and houses an extra wide-angle camera, so you can photograph even the largest family. The expansive display takes up an industry-leading 80% of the phone face. This is a fast and reliable phone that will not disappoint.

#5 – Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is one of the best cell phones this year thanks to its innovative features and performance. It boasts a dual rear camera that allows for 2x optical zoom, its battery lasts longer than any other iPhone, and it is water-resistant. This phone is for serious photographers. The operating system is fast, sporting 3GB of RAM, which is more than earlier models. The ability to take high quality pictures and video and view them on the 5.5” 1080p display makes this phone well worth the price.

#6 – OnePlus 3T

This phone is in the mid-price range, which is why it makes the top 8, and it has become popular for people who just don’t need all the bells and whistles that a high-end phone offers. The battery on this phone lasts far longer than other smartphones. The camera is great for selfie photos and the device has a 128GB storage system. This is the best phone for the budget-conscious consumer thanks to its speed, reliability, and camera.

#7 – Motorola Moto G5 Plus 

This phone is a splash-resistant, metal encased, super speedy, and budget-friendly device with an extensive list of features that make it the mid-price phone to beat. Features of note are a super long battery life and the fact that it operates like a high-end Android device, which makes this the best deal on the market. Motorola also did an amazing thing with these phones: the fingerprint sensor turn into a one-button navigation system.

#8- Huawei Honor 8

If you want pricey elegance without having to pay for it, this phone is the one you want. It has a dual-lens camera, a big 5.7” screen with plenty of power, and an all-metal body to protect the device. The powerful octa-core processor speeds through any application you put on it.

Any of these top 8 phones for 2017 are sure to be the very best of their brands and have customers lining up for the chance to own and operate one of these fantastic devices.

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a gadget guy.