Top 5 Smartphones for Kids

Going to your service provider’s store and talking to the salesperson about adding a line to your account for your child is scary. They grow up fast — although it seems nowadays that kids don’t need to be grown up to want a smartphone. The age at which kids are getting smartphones is decreasing through the years. There are some good reasons for this, but there are also undoubtably some clever excuses that kids use in persuading parents to buy them phones.

Safety is inarguably the number one reason why any kid should require a smartphone. Parents can know where they are and who they contact in real time; they can monitor the websites they enter, view contacts, and even read messages in some cases.

When it comes to sourcing the top five smartphones for kids, we’ve focused especially on safety and parental controls, as well as excellent features for kids to learn and grow.

1. Apple iPhone SE

This phone earns our number one spot because it is affordable, durable, and easy for kids to use. It also has customizable features for parental controls and applications for parents to monitor the safety of their children. The best feature for parents is that your kids cannot add contacts, download applications, or do other things without your permission. When they try to do so, an alert is sent to your phone so you can accept or deny the action. Kids also love these phones because they are trendy. The Apple Store has thousands of games and educational apps for free, so you and your child can turn smartphone ownership into an educational advantage.

2. Sony Xperia XA1

This is a simpler smartphone for kids. It has an impressive 5” screen that excludes side bezels, which makes watching YouTube clips or movies on this phone highly enjoyable. It has fast processing speeds on an Android platform, which is perhaps easier to use than Apple products. This phone also has extensive parental controls so you can monitor your child’s behaviour with the phone. They’ll likely enjoy the nice camera on it, too.

3. Motorola G-Play

This is specifically a kid-friendly smartphone. It is designed to be extra durable and retails for just over $100, so if it is lost, stolen, or completely broken, the financial loss isn’t steep. And while it’s designed for kids, it looks like a premium smartphone with a 5” screen and 5mp camera. It is easy to use and processes applications quickly with a quad-core processor. This is a smart choice for those not looking to make a large investment in a child’s device.

4. Alcatel A30

This smartphone is also designed for kids and has all the features a parent would want in a smartphone. It has GPS tracking, customizable parental controls, and lock features so that applications cannot be downloaded without your permission. It runs fast on the Android platform with a quad-core processor and it features an 8mp camera. You can also connect it to your premium smartphone account with 4G LTE coverage.

5. Samsung Galaxy J3

This device offers the same looks, performance, and features as the Galaxy S7 but in a smaller, kid- friendly version. This phone is very durable; it is made from a polycarbonate,  and is therefore sturdier than most other phones. (But of course, if you feel that you need extra protection, you can always choose from the hundreds of cases companies make for these phones.) It has excellent parental controls, an easy to use platform, and fast speeds using a quad-core processor.

The phones above are quite simply the best options on the market right now for families with little ones. Parents, don’t forget to research the parental control features on any device that you purchase.

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a gadget guy.