Tools Of The Trade: Our Favourite Men’s Grooming Equipment

I have always been a believer that getting the job done right requires the proper tools. A carpenter needs his hammer, a plumber needs his wrench, and a well-groomed man needs his trimmers, clippers, hair brushes, and more.

I’ll freely admit that I have an entire drawer of shavers in my bathroom. It’s not that I have an abundance of body hair, or as my friends put it, my own personal carpet; it’s just that I believe in always looking the best you possibly can. I also believe in well-designed and well-made products. While there may be a healthy variety of products out there, not all are created equal.

I do get asked often what products I use, and the answer is that I’ve always loved the Philips brand of male groomers. Having spent a great deal of my adult life on-camera, I need to trust that when a blade comes in contact with my face, it won’t leave my skin red and irritated, and that it will always do the job with perfection.

For any man hoping to expand his inventory of grooming tools with the best on the market, this list of products is a great place to start.



This is my go-to tool. Great for men with beards and styled facial hair, the Philips OneBlade is designed for any hair length. Trimming, shaving, edging — this one does it all, making it a great shaver for those who like to switch up their facial hair every now and then. For those who like to sport a five o’clock shadow, three click-on stubble combs do the trick. A dual-sided blade makes for easy edging, and if you prefer a clean-cut look, the OneBlade’s cutter moves at a speed of two hundred times a minute and the handle easily contours to your face for a close, knick-free shave. It’s also my trusty travel tool; lightweight, compact, and tough, it comes with an impressive list of features.

Beard Trimmer Series 5000

This one is great for those in search of an evenly trimmed beard. The Dynamic Beard Guide system uses a hair lift comb to raise hair towards the blades, and seventeen different trim settings allow you to customize length. Whether you’re looking for a close crop or a gentle trim, this shaver ensures that it’ll be uniform all over. I particularly love the precise dial gauge and trim guide. This one feels sturdy in your hands and allows for precise and even trimming of longer hairs.

Multigroom 5000

This all-in-one Lithium Ion set has a ton of attachments and settings. The stubble comb has twelve adjustable lengths, while the beard and stubble comb offers eighteen lengths, ranging from one to eighteen millimetres. Given that the Multigroom 5000 is also capable of cutting hair on the scalp, this set is particularly good for those whose work schedules make it difficult to commit to a haircut every six weeks. This one also includes the ever-so-useful nose hair trimmer. The Multigroom has paid for itself many times over with me as it’s the tool I use to cut my own hair almost every other day. I also use this trimmer to keep the body hair in check as it’s lightweight yet still substantial enough to maneuver properly for even trimming.

Shaver 7700

I must admit, I have minimal use for my Shaver 7700. I use it to shave my cheeks above my beard and to clean up my neck line. This is my go-to shaver for travelling. It comes with a sleek case, making it easy to pack, and the SkinGlide Comfort rings are well suited for skin that tends to get sensitive on the road. It’s also got an Aquatec Wet & Dry seal, meaning you can shave on the run or in the shower. Not to mention the design – sleek and sexy.

Shaver 9000

Philips totes the Shaver 9000 as its most advanced shaver yet, and let’s just say that I’ve saved the best for last. Like the 7700, this is a wet and dry electric shaver, and it too comes with a travel case that makes it easy to grab and go.

Perhaps most impressive is the V-Track Precision Blades, which make this shaver capable of cutting 30% closer and 20% more hair in a single pass. My favourite feature, though, is probably the new SmartClean function; simply touch a button and the 9000 cleans, lubricates, dries, and charges itself. For that reason, this one is my “at home” shaver, and I tend to keep it that way — even though I can easily travel with it if I want to.

Ramsin Khachi
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