This Collaboration Between Bentley And Philippe Starck Is The Perfect Excuse To Go Hybrid

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When the greatest designers in the world pool their skills and resources, truly remarkable things are bound to happen. Collaborations are what keep creative industries on the cutting edge, and there have been some exciting marriages-of-the-minds in 2018. But perhaps one of the most thrilling has been a joint venture between luxury car manufacturer Bentley and one of the world’s foremost designers, the multi-disciplinary Philippe Starck.

Seeking to become a serious player in the hybrid/electric vehicle market, Bentley has been hard at work on the development of the Bentayga Hybrid, the brand’s first hybrid-electric vehicle. This venture makes Bentley the first luxury brand to do so, and it’s certainly paving the way in style.

Set to be released in the latter half of 2018, the Bentayga Hybrid carries on the tradition of the original Bentley Bentayga, a vehicle designed, according to the company, to “redefine and reshape the world of luxury SUVs.” And while many of the details are still unknown, Bentley has released some tantalizing specs: the vehicle will sport an all-new V6 motor, and its combined NEDC CO2 emissions of 75 g/km will make for a near-silent, yet powerful driving experience. Another detail we love is the subtle homage to copper’s role in the creation of hybrid-electric vehicles; the Bentayga Hybrid will sport copper-coloured features like three Hybrid badges in elegant handwritten script, the roundels of the Bentley badges, and the wheel centres.

Best of all, however, is Bentley’s attention to detail when it comes to power source, that defining characteristic of a hybrid that sets it apart from the gas-guzzlers on the market. And to elevate this important feature, the luxury brand enlisted the creative genius of Philippe Starck, reportedly a Bentley driver himself. The resulting product is the Bentley x Starck Power Dock, a recharging unit that escapes the messy aesthetic of cords and cables; this sleek, eye-catching accessory merges the functional with the downright futuristic.

Designed for use in either a garage of carport, this Power Dock features a smooth domed face fashioned from hot-pressure aluminum casting. Starck has always had an affinity for curating only the finest and most sustainable materials for use in his creations, so it comes as no surprise that other materials used in the Power Dock were carefully selected for their environmental footprint: think pressed eco-linen and bio-sourced thermosetting resin. The cable stores neatly inside the unit when not in use, emphasizing the clean lines and compact nature of this device.

At first glance, this likely isn’t what one expects when they imagine a recharging dock; it looks not unlike a decorative piece of wall art ripped right from the home of the Jetsons, which just so happens to play double duty as a charging station. And the Bentley x Starck Power Dock was made with this kind of dual purpose in mind. “For Bentley and Starck, recharging units like this – soon to become a standard feature in homes around the world – are far more than just functional objects,” says Bentley. “They are opportunities to improve the entire experience of ownership, by creating something that is unique and elegant, rather than simply practical. And like everything from Bentley, it represents an opportunity to own something truly exceptional.”

For those interested in purchasing the Bentayga Hybrid or its handsome charging counterpart, neither is yet available for order, and Bentley warns that “iconic design takes time.” We can expect more info as the year goes on, but in the meantime, register for updates here to stay in the loop on this groundbreaking SUV and its designer Power Dock.


Images via Bentley Motors.