The Pieces Every Man Should Have in His Summer Wardrobe

Summer is here, so it’s time to make sure your closet is stocked with this season’s essentials. Unlike gloomy winter and temperamental spring, summer is the time to let loose. From bright colours and patterns to masculine accessories that will up your street fashion game, we encourage you to have fun with your summer style! Check out these five pieces every man should have in his summer wardrobe.

Swim Trunks

Regardless of whether you live on the coast, there will likely come a time when you need a fashionable pair of swim trunks this summer. Rather than throwing on the clunky pair of baggy swim shorts in the back of your closet, opt for an on-trend pair of fitted, above the knee trunks. Channel your inner John F. Kennedy with a style that hits at least two inches above the knee — and don’t be afraid of bold patterns! Floral, geometric, and plaid are all in this season. Burberry’s collection of men’s swimwear combines the best of both worlds: trendy, masculine prints and fitted, tailored shorts that hit above the knee.


Every man needs a high quality pair of sunglasses for summer. This is the easiest, no-hassle accessory, and it can instantly elevate your look. From hitting the beach to strolling into the office on Monday morning, a designer pair of sunnies will quickly become your most versatile accessory. Whether you’re partial to Tom Ford’s bold designs or those of Dior (pictured above), you’re going to want to have a pair of these bad boys in your back pocket at all times — both in terms of style and sun protection! Wayfarers are eternally cool, but rounder styles like Dior’s Blacktie 254S Sunglasses are also trending and will elongate your face.

Linen Blazer

Summertime calls for airy, breezy, and sweat-proof clothing. Say goodbye to heavy wool coats and hello to light linen! Linen jackets can be worn to work, but can also be paired with a polo, jeans, and boat shoes for a sleek street look. From grey to blue to beige, think pale, muted colours for summer. This will allow you to pair your jacket with bright shirts and pants. Roberto Verino is known for its top-notch craftsmanship, so you definitely can’t go wrong with one of the label’s linen blazers.

Nylon Watch

Once again, summer is all about staying and looking cool. That’s why we recommend ditching your metal watch for a watch with a sweat-proof nylon strap. Nylon watches can be dressed up or down, and will ensure your wrist isn’t left sweaty and irritated throughout the day. Gucci’s 2018 collection of men’s watches, pictured above, is seriously out of this world. Inspired by activewear, these water-resistant time pieces are the perfect sporty-casual accessory for summer.

Canvas Sneakers

A pair of white canvas sneakers is a must for every man in the summer. Not only are white sneakers ultra stylish, but they go with everything. As an added bonus, canvas won’t suffocate your feet, leaving them hot and sweaty like leather shoes do. Yves Saint Laurent’s new line of men’s shoes includes its Signature Court Sneaker, pictured above, which in our opinion is the perfect blend of casual comfort and designer fashion.






Emily Southey
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