The Origo Vox: When Bikes Meet Interior Design

Our editorial team is always on the lookout for innovative designs that emerge within the world of cycling; from electric off-road motorbikes to rustic-chic iterations like a bicycle fashioned from used Glenmorangie whiskey kegs, we’ve been constantly impressed by the cutting edge and the vintage-inspired alike.

Also on our radar are the accessories that make the life of a cyclist easier and safer. Recently, the Beryl Laserlight caught our attention for its ambitious vision of minimizing the blind spots of motorists and reducing cycling accidents. But as urban cycling becomes more convenient and real estate increasingly condensed to accommodate bursting populations, a new problem arises: how exactly can bikes be stored in a matter that is both unobstructive and aesthetically pleasing in the home?

Enter Vadolibero, a company founded in 2014 by two unlikely professionals: a journalist and photographer. Antonella Grua (CEO) and Ran Reuveni (Head of Design) shared a common dream: creating a business that paid homage to the “fabulous and revolutionary mechanical masterpiece” that is the bicycle. In their eyes, beautiful bikes are works of art — objects with potential to be enjoyed not only when zipping through the streets, but in the home as well. They looked to the world of interior design for a savvy solution that would allow the bicycle to be showcased just as one would a painting or a sculpture; the product they envisioned would be equal parts luxurious, sleek, and utilitarian.

Hundreds of sketches and renders were created and thrown away, their task made no easier by the fact that no comparative product existed on the market. But Grua and Reuveni were undeterred, and set about finding high-end suppliers and craftsmen who would bring their idea to fruition — and all while bearing the prestigious stamp of “made in Italy.”

Their first product, the ORIGO, was both a bike holder and a slender piece of furniture. Designed as a freestanding piece, it functioned as what the team describes as an “innovative butler.” The bottom of this rounded-edged, mid-century-esque piece offers a catch from which the bike can hang suspended by the top tube of its frame. The furniture itself is designed as a kind of catch-all when ones walks through the door; a top shelf, drawer, and hooks provide space to store keys, sunglasses, a wallet, mail, and more. A hole in the top of the piece accommodates wires for charging mobile devices. The ORIGO is available in various finishes like maple, Canaletto walnut, and oak.

The company’s next offering was the DOMUS, a product that worked to showcase the bicycle even more than its predecessor; this piece literally places the bike on a pedestal! The DOMUS is part organizer, part bookshelf, part “spectacular stage” for your favorite set of wheels. Think of it like an entertainment system in which a flat screen is replaced by the bike, which is held in place by a stainless steel clamp and softly illuminated like a gallery installation.

The ORIGO VOX is a return to form, one that updates Vadolibero’s original prototype and integrates technological advances made in the last four years. Much like the ORIGO, the VOX functions as a cyclist’s “butler” with storage and surfaces for things one would discard immediately when walking through the door. But the VOX is updated with wireless technology capabilities; a recessed section on the top shelf charges your smartphone battery when laid upon it, no cables required.

The biggest update, however, is that this new high-tech model doubles as a powerful stereo system! A Bluetooth amplifier, operated by remote control, and speakers mounted within both sides of the cabinet make this one innovative dock for your smartphone playlist.

Of course, in the tradition of fine Italian craftsmanship, this piece doesn’t stop at impressive technological specs; it is also carefully designed with high-end materials and beautiful details. Solid oakwood has been hand milled to create the curved profile of the VOX, and three hand-sewn Italian leather accessories are included with purchase: a contoured tray for the wireless charging area, a frame pad, and a wheel strap.

The ORIGO VOX is available in either dove grey or full black. As the weather turns crisp and the time comes to bring our bikes indoors to protect them from the rain and snow, this is the perfect multifunctional accessory to turn a cyclist’s abode from cluttered to downright chic.