The Nike Mars Yard Shoe Gets Ready for Space

Was your childhood dream to become an astronaut? Thanks to one of Nike’s newest releases, the NikeCraft x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe, you can now fulfill all your space fantasies. After months of anticipation (not to mention years of hard work on behalf of Tom Sachs), this extraordinary new footwear hit the market earlier this summer.

Giving off major intergalactic vibes, the Nike Mars Yard Overshoe is making waves owing to its undeniably space-inspired aesthetic. For all the shoe junkies out there, special features include a white, nylon-reinforced, waterproof dyneema upper with a knit collar, a periwinkle blue rubber midsole, a blue and black rubber sole, the classic Nike “swoosh” in blue, and magnetic fidlock buckles with striking crimson accents and nylon release straps.

In order to understand the concept behind this “out of this world” shoe, it’s important to understand the man behind its design: Tom Sachs. Sachs is a New York City based contemporary artist known for his sculptures. His career first took off in the 1990s and he has since made a name for himself around the world.

What drove Sachs to create a pair of astronaut-esque shoes, you might be wondering? The artist has demonstrated a particular fondness for space throughout his career, specifically the Apollo program. In fact, in 2007, Sachs’ obsession with the mission led him to design perhaps his most famous work of art to date: Space Program. Space Program was the name given to the life-sized model that Sachs built of the Apollo lunar module. It was on display at the Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles from September to October of 2007.

Given Sachs’ background in and affinity for all things space, it’s no surprise that Nike first teamed up with the artist for an extraterrestrial venture back in 2012. If you remember, the first Mars Yard Shoe was launched in 2012, followed by the Mars Yard Shoe 2.0 in 2017. Thus, the Mars Yard Overshoe, which retails at roughly $550 USD, marks the third collaboration between the artist and brand.

Despite its appearance, the Overshoe’s less than conventional aesthetic was actually built for people on Earth. According to Sachs, the shoe is nicknamed the “March Yard,” a nod to what he considers the worst month of the year in terms of weather. This means that the latest collab between Sachs and Nike is able to withstand a cold, wet winter’s day in New York City (though we’re willing to bet that it was also designed with Europa’s icy surface in mind).

Whether you’ve always dreamed of being an astronaut or just want to take your moonwalking skills to the next level, be sure to pick up a pair of limited-edition Nike Mars Yard Overshoes before they’re gone.


Images via Nike.

Emily Southey
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