The New Traveller Is A Rider

Luxury travel has been redefined.

Think back to the 1930s, or sit down to watch one of the several replays of Hercule Poirot on TV — cruising and train journeys were all the hype. It’s fair to say that they were once popular enough to have inspired Agatha Christie to write a plenitude of crimes. But nowadays, aside from a select few journeys, these once exciting and premium modes of transportation have lost much of their former glamour. Sure, you can marvel in the opulence of First Class on a long-distance flight, but it doesn’t quite deliver the same feeling of emotional investment in the journey.

In reality, luxury travel nowadays is all about the extravagance of the adventure. And what better way to indulge in a thrilling trip than to feel the wind on your face? Indeed, motorcycling holidays are bringing a new edge to premium travel. If you’re a confident rider, now is the best time to plan a tour of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

Why You Need to Enjoy the Ride Once and For All

British riders are well aware of the beautiful riding tracks around the country. From driving into the heart of the Highlands to discovering hidden spots in Wales, riding creates an all-inclusive journey that connects you with your surroundings. But picture for a moment the magic of the Icelandic landscapes — the 828-mile-long Ring Road is a magical experience during the summer months — or following the Trans European Trail along the Mediterranean as warm autumnal colours speed past. Becoming one with the landscape. Feeling the road under your wheels as the horizon opens in front of you with a variety of colours and shapes. The wilderness of Iceland’s Westfjords, especially, redefine your sense of belonging. For anybody who wants to explore their bond with nature, a ride along the Ring Road is a life-changing experience.

Planning Ahead

Admittedly, riding through Europe is not a spontaneous getaway. It takes time and preparation, from organising motorcycle transport to scheduling each day ride. Experienced riders prefer to ship their vehicles ahead for epic oversea journeys, as it lets them arrive fresh and energised at their starting point. A little research on the best season to travel can also dramatically change your trip. Northern regions are best suited for summer and spring trips, for instance, while you can plan an autumnal ride in the south.

A New Approach to Hotels

If you’ve never embarked on a long riding journey before, you may not be familiar with the versatility of bike-friendly hotels. Contrary to common belief, accommodations that provide a private garage for bikers tend to cultivate a sense of splendour and luxuriousness. After a day on the bike, nothing feels more appealing than a comfortable bed, a delicious in-house restaurant, and a relaxing spa. Remember to book your nights ahead of your stay to give yourself a destination for each daily ride. More and more hotels along popular routes offer boutique-like services for passing travellers, from exquisite cuisine to a relaxing ambience.

Exploring Europe is the dream of many travellers, but it’s a reality come true for experienced bikers who get to see mesmerising landscapes like no-one else. Isn’t the experience of nature in its raw beauty, after all, the true meaning of luxury travel?