The Most Eclectic Bars to visit in Chelsea, New York.

New York is NOT dead, but it is definitely on life support!

In light of that, we want to keep a positive focus on places to visit once we are able to do so.

You don’t have to look far to find a happening bar in Chelsea, one of Manhattan’s most elite  neighborhoods.

If you’re looking for a night out on the town in New York City, then be sure to check out any one of the three bars below. From inventive cocktails at The Tippler to English garden vibes at Gallow Green, below is a list of eclectic bars to visit in Chelsea, New York. 

The Tippler 

The Tippler is the epitome of classic New York, nestled in an industrial cellar space inside the  bustling Chelsea Market. Everywhere you look there is a piece of NYC history; for instance, the  wood flooring is made from reclaimed water tower wood from the High Line. Rounding out the  decor is an eccentric mix of vintage and antique furniture and light fixtures. But enough about  the aesthetic—after all, it’s the tasty cocktails that The Tippler is known for.

The bar’s cocktail  menu consists of just ten beverages, each more creative than the last. Highlights include the  Booty Collins, which is described as “sweet, tart, and fruity,” and contains green tea-infused  vodka, passion fruit, lemon, cayenne, and soda, and Poppy Don’t Preach, consisting of white  wine, poppy flower amaro, grapefruit, and lime. 

The Electric Room

Steps from the Chelsea Market is where you’ll find The Electric Room. This eclectic Chelsea bar  has a distinctively British vibe, with Union Jack sofas and artwork à la the famous English-based  street artist Banksy. The intimate space can hold just one hundred people, making The Electric  Room as exclusive as it is trendy.

They serve cocktails only—no food and no wine, beer, or  spirits, so best to come here when you’re in the mood for a carefully curated drink. Cocktail  monikers are also British inspired, such as the Diamond Dogs (Nolet’s gin, grapefruit, dry  vermouth, and fresh lemon), and the Richard Harris (Jameson, ginger snap liqueur, apple, and  nutmeg).  

Bathtub Gin 

If you’re looking to be transported into a 1920s-era speakeasy, look no further than Bathtub Gin.  This Chelsea haunt is known for its gin-based cocktails and creative bites. Describing itself as a  “classic gin joint,” Bathtub Gin is a call back to the Prohibition era when the idea of gin made in  a bathtub first came about. Thankfully, Bathtub Gin doesn’t actually get their gin from such a  place, but the inclusion of metal, claw-foot bathtubs woven into the bar’s décor certainly stands out.

Their gin cocktail menu is extensive to say the least. On it, you’ll find everything from a  1910 Martini to the Bathtub G & T made with Musgrave Pink Gin, a seasonal, house-made  tonic, and fresh mint. Meanwhile, eats range from small plates like crispy calamari, fresh  burrata, and watermelon and arugula salad to plates of a more indulgent size including steak  frites, the Kobe burger, or the spaghetti pesto alla Genovese. Further, Bathtub Gin hosts events  throughout the week, such as Red Hot Jazz Monday Nights and burlesque shows on Tuesdays  and Sundays. 

The Lodge at Gallow Green

It doesn’t get much better than a rooftop bar, and The Lodge at Gallow Green in Chelsea is just  that. Nestled atop the McKittrick Hotel, this bar is essentially like a fairytale garden come to life.  The open-air terrace features wrap-around couches, crackling fire pits, and plenty of wild  greenery. On the inside, you’ll find a series of cozy rooms made to look like a quaint English  cottage.

From bookshelves overflowing with books to vintage wooden rocking chairs, you won’t  be able to resist this unique atmosphere (there’s truly nowhere else like it in Chelsea). When it  comes to food and drinks, The Lodge at Gallow Green has a drool-worthy menu. Small and  large plates, as well as desserts, include options like curried lamb pie, French onion soup, duck  shepherd’s pie, moussaka, apple bread pudding, and mince pies. Beverage options are just as  enticing, such as the Smoking Bishop made with hot wine, port, allspice, apricot, apple, honey,  cinnamon, cassis, and aquavit, and The Old McKittrick that combines mezcal, rum, cachaça,  sherry, mole bitters, and anise. 

Emily Southey
Emily Southey is a freelance writer from Vancouver. Currently based in Toronto, it was during her time studying History and English at McGill and University College London that she became interested in writing. When she's not working, you can typically find her in a museum, baking cupcakes, watching Disney musicals, or Instagramming her new favourite coffee spot.