The Best Sushi Restaurants in Toronto

Let’s be honest: Toronto is a food mecca. You can find almost any type of cuisine in the Ontario capital. In particular, Toronto has no shortage of top-notch sushi restaurants. From Miku on the harbourfront to NAMI with its kimono-wearing servers, check out this definitive list of the best sushi restaurants in Toronto.

Miku Toronto

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Japanese fine dining is the name of the game at Miku Toronto, located on Bay Street right near Toronto’s scenic waterfront. At Miku, you can expect the signature aburi (meaning “flame-seared” in English) sushi. Though you may not think it, this method actually changes the flavour of the sushi, so even the most seasoned sushi eaters can expect something new and exciting here. The restaurant itself has a chic interior with marble countertops, black and white bar stools, and striking ceiling art. However, rest assured, you’ll be too busy eating (and snapping pics of) the beautiful food to even notice your surroundings.

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As if sushi weren’t already a feast for the eyes, every item on the menu is plated to perfection. When it comes to the food offerings, sushi, nigiri, and sashimi are what this hotspot is known for, but you’ll also find miso-baked sablefish, AAA prime rib, and a roasted jordi chicken and lobster combo on the menu. In essence, there is something to suit all tastes, but you can’t go wrong with one of the famous aburi sushi platters.


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NAMI Japanese Restaurant, located in the Financial District (not too far from the Queen subway station), is the definition of tradition and authenticity. This establishment has been serving its Toronto customers for over thirty years, and has made a name for itself thanks to its kimono-clad waiters and live-action sushi bar, where you can watch as the talented chefs create beautiful platters of sushi before your very eyes. Sushi options at NAMI are as diverse as it gets, from blue fish tuna and Spanish mackerel to BBQ fresh water eel and BC albacore tuna. Beyond sushi, NAMI is home to the only Robata bar in the city, where you can indulge in Japanese surf and turf. Its team isn’t afraid of putting a modern spin on classics, such as with the sushi pizza. Fun fact: they are the originators of this now-trendy dish!

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Nestled in Harbord Village is Yasu, the most intimate Japanese restaurant on this list and one of the best in Toronto. Traditional edomae sushi is what you’ll find at Yasu, and unlike most restaurants, there is no set menu. Chef Yasuhisa Ouchi, who hails from Osaka, Japan, invents a new menu daily using only the freshest fish and seafood available. Each Omakase dining experience (“omakase” is the Japanese word for when the chef sets the menu) comes at a price of $135 per person and comprises roughly 20 items, including appetizers, sushi, and dessert. Though you might not be able to peruse the menu in advance, you can rest assured that every bite of hand-crafted sushi is sure to be pure heaven.

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