The bespoke & elegant “Sotto Regatta” by Skyacht One

A few weeks ago, we introduced our readers to the lavish mind of Edward Sotto, a former Disney creative who looks to the Gatsby era to transform the interiors of private aircraft. From the Manhattan skyline to the decadence of early 20th century ocean liners like the RMS Mauretania, Sotto  plucks his inspiration straight from the past and marries it with the cutting-edge technology of the  present. The result is some of the finest aircraft interiors you’re likely to find, worthy of celebrities,  business magnates, and royalty.  

In order to create these concepts, the team at SottoStudios professed to have asked itself, “Why does the interior of your private plane lack the romance and craft found in your Rolls-Royce or Bentley?” The firm completely reimagined the standard of luxury air travel, so much so that it exceeded the bar for luxury that the Roll-Royces and Bentleys of the world had set. Sotto then reconsidered the car – why not seek to bring it up to the same standard? 

And so, Sotto set out to carry the same nautical theme found in its aircraft to a fleet of vehicles, ones that would serve as worthy rides for the owners of Sotto’s other elite modes of transportation.  

Sotto began with the Rolls-Royce history as its guide – specifically starting with the canvas of the  Rolls-Royce Wraith – and the plane as its benchmark. The final product was so transformed that it  required a new name to match its new identity. That given marque? The Regatta. There is perhaps  no more perfect name for this car concept, given not only the watery images it calls to mind, but  also the refined and regal tradition of boating sports.  

Like the Skyacht, the Regatta features a solid mahogany tail. “Regatta is to cars what Skyacht,” the  brand boasts, “is to the skies: a breath of fresh air.” The vehicle’s back is outfitted with a special  “golden hind” of precision joinery. On the front, satin aluminum surrounds an inlaid hood, available  in various combinations of colours and woods. We’re particularly partial to mahogany for this fleet; there is perhaps no wood species that Sotto showcases with quite as much flair and richness. 

The interior of the Regatta also takes its cue from the Skyacht One, with inspiration derived from  the 15th century studiolos of Italy. Historically, these spaces were tiny rooms dedicated to reading and writing, lavishly decorated oases often outfitted with elaborate and highly ornate wood carvings  and inlays on the walls. Walnuts, beeches, oaks, fruitwoods, rosewoods –– such coveted woods  created warm spaces well suited to solitude. The door panels of the Regatta are, accordingly, embedded with inlaid patterns, metallic details, mother of pearl, and softly patinaed natural brass  inlays and trimmed vents. In place of speaker grilles, engraved astrolabes assign a navigational  aesthetic; an antique brass exposed mahogany beam structure, bejeweled controls, and hand  engraved appointments further help to make this one of the most luxurious rides around.  

The ocean blue carpeting creates the illusion that when one is driving the Regatta, one is cruising not on the open highway, but upon the sun-dappled waves of the European coast.  

Now that Sotto has looked so much to yachts to create the interiors of elite aircraft and ground  transportation, it is now looking to that original form to create a true tryptic of luxurious rides.  When the Skyacht One was shown at Boat Magazine’s World SuperYacht Awards, readers began to  request designs for––you guessed it!––a ground-breaking watercraft. While this concept is yet to be  unveiled, requests for remodeling or bespoke designs can be requested privately. 

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