Beauty And The Bench

The first bench was developed from the chest, which was originally created to provide extra storage at the foot of a bed or in a living area. In the 15th century, when entertaining became a popular past time, seating became a challenge for many. To solve this problem, the classic chair was elongated and amalgamated with the chest, maximizing storage while at the same time providing extra lounging space for guests.

The chest/bench has come a long way in the world of interiors. The benches we showcase below start with a classic bench designed in 1946 and take us all the way to the present day. These pieces showcase the work of great designers and architects who challenged form and relied on quality materials, ensuring that their creations stood the test of time.

Designer: George Nelson


George Nelson was perhaps one of the most recognized designers from the early 1900’s. As a noted writer and teacher, he studied architecture in Rome and continued to design furniture based on European influences.

This classic bench was designed in 1946 and has been used in interior spaces ever since. Made with polished chrome or ebonized wooden legs and available in three lengths with a choice of finishes, it serves as a bench or low table. It has a very modern, rectilinear look that reflects the designer’s architectural background and style. The wood-slatted top is designed to facilitate air flow and allow light to shine through, creating less of a foot print.

Designer: Maxine Snider


Maxine Snider was a trained painter and founded her own graphics and interiors studio in 1989. She then went on to direct the design departments of several distinguished architecture firms. “I admire the Shakers, the French modernists, and the great Scandinavian designs, as well as the simple beauty of Japanese everyday objects,” she said of her inspirations.

Snider exhibits her unique style in the Scandinavian and Japanese influences of the City Bench. This piece also cleverly serves a dual purpose: it converts into a coffee table when the bench cushion is removed.

Designer: Azadeh Shladovsky


Azadeh Shladovsky, born in Iran and based out of L.A., was known for mastering authenticity and innovative substance in design. Shladovsky has said that her intention with every project is “translating the details into meaningful moments and experiences.”

The lines of the Infinity Bench are very linear and modern, and the fur-wrapped seats add a beautiful Scandinavian feel. This bench, timelessly beautiful in its cultural inspiration, is a custom piece that can be created to fit each interior foot print.

Designers: Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler

PRONG-Bench-Long-Bench01 (2)

With their combined backgrounds in architecture, industrial design, and fashion design, Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler have brought an incredible amount of skills, creativity, and style to the furniture world since early 2004.

This masculine bench is a stunning architectural piece. A black steel base grounds the feathered cushion to create perfect balance. We love legs of this bench, unique in their rawness of form.

Designer: Jean-Louis Deniot


Jean-Louis Deniot is today considered to embody the future of a new generation of French haute decoration. His sophisticated, architectural designs are based on classic French details. The work of Jean-Louis Deniot was designed to be purely decorative and blend into the established line of French Decorative Arts.

This timeless piece explores both today’s contemporary lines and the classic elements of the decorative arts. The gold finish and classic rolled leg help to blend both these styles. The seat of the bench, while made to look as though it has been strung with flexible materials, is actually an extension of the solid steel structure. One could easily imagine this piece in the Palace of Versailles, and today it offers a juxtaposing statement in contemporary spaces.

Designer: Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith is an international designer based in L.A. She is known for layering the old and new, and one can always expect an elegant yet casual look to every room. Windsor has been recognized by many top magazines for her expertise and her services are in high demand in the industry.
The look of this bench exudes an equestrian style that makes quite the statement! Here Smith has utilized beautiful, hand-woven suede fabric and stretched it over a sleek brass frame. The legs are often what serve to showcase an overall style of a bench; here, however, the same cushion fabric covers the modern brass frame and makes for a beautiful, form-defying aesthetic

Designer: Barry Dixon


Dixon’s father often traveled for work and so he spent much of his childhood abroad. He has lived in India, Pakistan, Korea, New Caledonia, and South Africa, where he graduated from high school. His designs continue to impress not just the industry but our clientele. His designs always showcase his worldly influences and passion for the eclectic.

The legs of this piece explain its inspiration immediately! The raw steel and linen fabric are a play on the outdoors and the environment from which that inspiration is drawn. The graceful, slim legs echo a mosquito’s body. Mosquitoes may be pests, but this bench, with its subtle Asian influence, is all beauty.

Designer: Ronald Scliar Sasson


Scliar Sasson was self-taught and worked as a visual artist for twelve years.  His background in fine arts no doubt informed his unique vision for design. He incorporates both Nordic and Mediterranean design styles in his work. After working in the furniture industry for sixteen years, he continues to emphasize his role in researching materials and viable techniques for furniture-making.

This bench might call to mind a type writer, but its multiple levels were actually designed to reflect the beautiful silence of Igarapes’ reclusive rivers. With its wood grains and defined seating, this piece is playfully refined.

Lisa Wilbrink
Lisa’s goal has always been to pursue a career through which she could both inspire and be inspired. She has never viewed interior design as a job; it’s a passion and a lifestyle, a means of expressing her ideas and sharing her creativity with those around her. Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, Lisa is one of five siblings and has always been a family-oriented person. She enjoys and celebrates beauty in all forms, and this passion is evidenced by her eclectic style. Lisa holds a Diploma in Interior Design from Sheridan College and her unique design and decorating skills are put into practice each day as an Interior Decorator at KHACHI. She continues to grow and broaden her knowledge of the field with each new project.

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