Taylor Swift Just Shared Her Favourite Music With The World…And The Internet Is Loving It

Heads up, T-Swift fans: your queen bee just shared her current favourite songs with the world.

In a playlist specially curated for music conglomerate Spotify, Taylor Swift revealed the songs she’s playing in heavy rotation these days. The artist shared the playlist in a simple Tweet yesterday, and the Swift-approved collection has since swept the Internet, with fans eagerly dissecting—and rocking out to—the featured songs.

So which artists have the megastar’s ear? The list includes music by popular contemporaries like Børns (“I Don’t Want You Back”) and Kendrick Lamar (“All The Stars” [with SZA]). Perhaps as a nod to her country roots, Swift also included the title track of Lady Antebellum’s 2017 album, Heart Break.  

Multiple artists Tweeted reactions of delight and surprise at being featured on the playlist, a flurry that began trending in Twitter’s Moments earlier this afternoon. “Hey guys! Brb while I hyperventilate!!!” tweeted folk artist John Vincent III, whose gentle acoustic number “Back To My Ways” made the list. Other artists were quick to express shock at the feature, as well as their appreciation for being shown a little love from the queen of pop music:

Of course, Taylor Swift wouldn’t be, well, Taylor Swift, without a hint of that sassy ego. Two of the songs on the playlist are her own; “Delicate” and the Ed Sheeran/Future collaboration “End Game,” both from Swift’s 2017 album reputation, got a self-affirming nod.

Curious to see what else made the list? Visit Spotify and let this upbeat playlist infuse your winter days with a Swift burst of light.