The After-Sun Regimen You Need For Your Next Tropical Vacation

Spending hours on the beach is a dream come true, but dry skin and damaged hair? Not so much. That is why an after-sun regimen is of the utmost importance. You skin and hair are most vulnerable when left unprotected against the sun’s powerful UV rays. So the next time you’re planning a tropical getaway to Bora Bora or St. Lucia, be sure to keep these after-sun care tips in mind.


As you’ve likely learned the hard way, your face is most susceptible to sun damage. The skin on your face is thinner, has smaller cells, and also has larger pores, all of which makes the skin more sensitive than other parts of your body. This in turn causes it to burn quicker when overexposed to the sun. Even if you’re careful about applying sunscreen, it’s important to rehydrate your face after a long day of sun exposure.

Clarins’ After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care For Face and Décolleté is one of our favourite products when it comes to after sun facial care. This unique product is extremely moisturizing as it contains shea, sunflower, and centella asiatica. These ingredients work together to hydrate your skin while ensuring that your tan remains. Even better, Clarins’ After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care is extremely lightweight. It won’t clog your pores or leave any sort of residue, making it ideal for going from the beach to dinner.


Natural beach waves? Fantastic! Brittle, brassy hair? No thank you.

To avoid damage to your hair, we recommend using both deep conditioning treatments and UV-shielding products. The average conditioner may work just fine during fall, spring, and winter, but at the height of summer, your hair needs extra nourishment. Experts say that you should be using deep conditioning treatments about once a week. Similar to a face mask, a moisturizing hair mask or treatment will return some oil to your hair, making it shinier, bouncier, smoother, stronger, and—most importantly—healthier.

In terms of deep conditioners, we recommend a natural product like coconut oil. Cocovit’s Coconut Oil is harvested from organic coconuts in India. It’s all you need to re-nourish, repair, and strengthen damaged hair. Even better, it’s multipurpose. Once you’re done massaging it into your scalp, you can use it as makeup remover, shaving cream, and moisturizer.

Just as there is sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, there are a multitude of UV-shielding products for your hair. From sprays and leave-in conditioners to hair masks, there are all sorts of styling products that will leave your hair feeling nourished and protected. These products also tend to have added benefits, such as preventing hair from lightening or keeping dyed hair from turning brassy.

We love Alterna Haircare’s Bamboo Beach Summer Sunshine Spray Protective Shine Veil. This lightweight, protective spray not only tames frizz and leaves your hair shiny, but it also creates a UVA/UVB veil that protects your mane from the harsh summer elements.


Unlike your typical body lotion, after-sun lotion has unique properties to combat any damage done to your skin by the sun’s powerful UV rays. One major difference is that most after-sun lotion contains aloe. As you likely know by now, aloe is the remedy to any and all sunburns. Even if your skin isn’t lobster red, aloe has cooling properties that will make you tingle in all the right places post-tanning session.

Furthermore, after-sun lotions like Clinique After Sun Rescue Balm With Aloe and Biotherm Sun After Oligo-Thermal Milk are majorly hydrating. They will prevent your skin from peeling, and ultimately allow you to maintain your tan for a longer period of time. Be sure to massage some lotion into your skin after every afternoon at the beach!

Emily Southey
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