Still Our Girl: In Conversation With Jann Arden

Jann Arden, once resident it-girl-meets-wild-child of Canada’a music scene, is anything but idle these days. She’ll be performing in the upcoming “It’s Always Something” Variety Show for Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto this Saturday; she recently tried her hand at jewelry design; she’s an inductee of the 2017 Canadian Music Industry Hall Of Fame; and in the midst of it all, her Twitter account of late has provided fans with a window into the artist’s brash wit, honesty, and even missteps.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Arden about her upcoming events and the highs and lows of living in the public eye.

Congratulations on being the newest inductee to the Canadian Music Industry Hall Of Fame! How did you find out that you’d been chosen?

My manager, Bruce Allen, called me and told me about it. I’m still rather shocked. I must be getting old!!

This year you hosted the Junos with Olympian Jon Montgomery. Did you know each other before hand? Did he come to you for performance advice during the process?

I’d never met Jon before, although I felt like I knew him from seeing him on Amazing Race. He was a complete pro! He didn’t need any tips — in fact, I was looking to him for some of that cool calmness to rub off on me!

You recently designed some pearl jewelry in support of Dogs With No Names. We read that it was your first fora