Smart Savasana: Three Fitness Devices for Yogis

2020 marks not just the start of a new year, but the dawn of a new decade. The ordinary conversations surrounding resolutions at the end of December seemed heightened to a particular fever pitch as we looked not just ahead, but backwards. Where were we in the last days of 2009? More importantly, who were we? What have we accomplished in the past decade? What do we have to show for the passage of years?

Such self-reflection goes hand in hand with any symbolic milestone; these markers that help us categorize our lives into chapters are primed for celebration of achievements, forgiveness of disappointments and failures, and resolve for the future. They seem to command bigger resolutions than other years and ones that are broader in scope; “In 2019, I’m going to…” quickly becomes “In the 2020s, I’m going to…”

If one of your resolutions for the new year—and for the new decade—was improved physical health, there are plenty of tools to help you along the way. And we don’t just mean gym equipment! One year ago, we started January with a guide to health and wellness products that could help kick-start the last year of the decade. From an herbal detox kit to a virtual fitness instructor, each was a tool to help start the year right. In 2020, we’re looking to the tech industry to prep for the fitness of the future, and we’ve found three different tools for the yogis (or soon-to-be yogis) of the world.

Yoga has been found by the American Psychological Association to boast a plethora of mental health benefits as well as physical, so it’s an ideal way to combat seasonal blues and the harsh realities of winter. Read on for three devices to help you practice smartly in 2020.

Nadix X

Image via Wearable X

The Nadix X, available for men and women, is a pair of yoga pants with some seriously high-tech benefits. Toted as “real technical apparel,” these flat seamed pants with mesh windows (also available in solid black, stripes, open knees, and more) feature embedded sensors that provide guidance through vibration and audio cues. They’re ideal for those who prefer to practice privately or at home, and especially handy for yogis who travel and often find themselves far from classes. Four-way stretch fabric and level one compression make these comfortable and snug to move in.

The Nadix X is the first ever gentle wash, tumble dry smart apparel, making these as convenient as a pair of Lululemon leggings. They also come with a rechargeable module, a USB charging cable, and a custom designed storage box.

Backslash Fit Smart Mat

Image via Hearst

The Backslash Fit smart mat is smarter than you knew you needed your yoga mat to be. It pairs with Women’s Health Yoga on Amazon Alexa, which will talk you through your daily flow. It also self rolls; it locks into place during your session, and once you’ve finished, simply turn the mat over, click, and watch it coil itself into place. (It even stands on its own for easy storage). The smooth top layer is sweat resistant so that you won’t slip, no matter how hard you work, and the bottom layer is also non-slip and latex/PVC free. The mat is 5 mm thick, which is just enough cushioning to protect your elbows and knees.

The iBreve Wearable

Image via iBreve

The iBreve wearable isn’t available quite yet, but there’s an early bird list for those who don’t want to procrastinate! This comfortable device attaches to any bra and analyzes breathing, activity, and stress levels. It’s specifically designed to help manage stress and productivity in the long-term, gathering data on your breathing, stress, and daily activity to create a full picture of how the body changes over time. Personalized relaxation games help improve overall wellbeing, and best of all? It’s machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally forgetting to detach it before you toss your workout gear into the laundry.