The creative team at KHACHILIFE gathered their thoughts on some great gift ideas to help celebrate this year’s VALENTINE’S DAY. And as we are still battling the global pandemic of COVID 19 – What is better than giving your favorite valentine, a gift that will help improve their overall health.  


For those who want to connect more with their body in the most holistic way.

Oura combines advanced sensor technology and a minimal design with an easy-to-use mobile app to deliver precise, personalized health insights straight from the most reliable source: your body. The unique technology monitors your body’s pulse, movement, and temperature while you sleep and into your day-to-day to track and summarize your health data by scoring your sleep, readiness, and activity.

Wear the ring 24/7 for the most accurate data and insights. Ensure the sensors are on the palm side of your finger. The ring is water resistant, so feel free to get it wet. (It’s hand sanitizer friendly, too.)

No membership required.


Meditation and mindfulness for any mind, any mood, any goal.

Have someone you care about unwrap less stress, better focus, and more happiness. Send them a subscription to Headspace.

There are over 2,000 meditation apps out there, but Headspace is one of the only ones committed to advancing the field of mindfulness meditation through clinically validated research. With a smartphone app full of “guided meditations” — audio sessions by the company’s co-creators leads listeners on a journey of contemplation.


Not all CBD is created equal. It’s important to know that when an oversaturation of “hemp” products is overflowing in shopping carts and Instagram ads. Beam is a brand that does it right, promising complete transparency and the highest quality ingredients available.

A tincture is a great place to start when incorporating CBD into your daily routine. It makes a versatile gift destined to please almost everyone. The variety of choices in potency is perfect for any newbie or hemp vet. It can be dropped into your food, coffee, tea, or smoothie — or directly into the mouth for faster results.

CBD works wonders to soothe inflammation holistically, without you experiencing the head or body high you get with THC.

HEALTHY LINE – Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat.

Approximate an at-home spa experience with this heating mat. It combines five natural therapies: hot stones, far-infrared light, red light, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), and negative ions. And it’s designed to temporarily promote local circulation, ease muscle tension, and maintain overall relaxation and well-being.

Lie back as the amethyst, tourmaline, and jade gemstones warm up against your skin. Feel yourself unwind in the infrared heat. And let it out: ahhhhhhh.

HURON – Sleek H-AA Slow Juicer 

It features the newest, most innovative technology on the market. Alpha technology sports a sleek new design, optimized juicing, easier cleaning, and the ability to make ice cream too.

This patented Slow Squeeze Technology uses an auger to squeeze out juice (similar to how you would hand-squeeze an orange) so instead of shredding fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades like other juicers and blenders. This natural motion minimizes damage to the ingredients, keeping all of the natural taste and nutrition intact.

The Pro Facial Steamer

A professional device with micro-steam technology that infuses skin with moisture, clarifies the complexion, and purifies skin.

Bring the spa into your home with this professional steamer. Ideal for all skin types, especially those with dehydrated skin and enlarged pores. Relax and indulge yourself, as luxurious micro-steam technology hydrates and purifies the skin in one simple step, revealing a dewy and soothed complexion in as quickly as 9 minutes. An ideal way to begin any at-home facial, the Pro Facial Steamer enhances the benefits of any skin care regimen. The skin is primed for exfoliation and product application, accelerating the absorption and effectiveness of products that follow. When combined with other Dr. Dennis Gross products, you will see both immediate and long-term results.

With key benefits of infusing skin with hydration in one simple step, clear pores and clarify the complexion, soothes and softens skin while enhancing and accelerating the benefits of a skincare regimen.

Act + Acre – The Scalp Gua Sha

Individually hand-cut from natural jade stone, the Scalp Gua Sha gently stimulates microcirculation to promote new hair growth, massages the scalp for increased product absorption, and releases tension and tightness for overall relaxation. 

Designed to be used together with the Cold Processed® Scalp Detox, the Scalp Gua Sha delivers key nutrients into deeper layers of the skin, enhancing your ritual while also reducing developmental time.

Made of natural Jade Stone – Each comb is individually hand-cut from Jade Stone, meaning each is unique and no two will be identical.

Bose – Sleepbuds II with Alarm.

Everyday stress. Snoring. Noisy neighbours. The news of the day. There’s plenty that keeps you awake. Introducing Sleepbuds™ II. Tiny and comfortable, Sleepbuds™ work with the Bose Sleep app to deliver relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep and use Bose noise-masking technology, so you stay asleep all night.

Unlike regular headphones, Sleepbuds™ don’t stream music or podcasts. They play content only from the Bose Sleep app.

Although Bose pioneered noise cancelling technology, they found that masking is better for addressing noises that disturb sleep. Noise cancelling technology continuously measures, compares, and reacts to outside noise, then cancels it with the opposite signal. In Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling™ products, noise cancellation is combined with passive blocking to achieve a good reduction of sound at all frequencies. However, no combination of passive and active technologies for reducing the sound entering a user’s ear can make unwanted noises completely inaudible.

Masking, on the other hand, introduces a soothing, desirable sound to help the brain ignore the disturbance. Masking works because of the way different sounds combine in our inner ears; if they have the right match of frequencies and the masking sound is just enough louder than the disturbing sound, the inner ear and brain cannot detect the disturbing sound. Cancellation creates quiet in our ear canals; masking—in the right conditions—creates quiet in our minds.


A fitness wearable that tracks your workouts, sleep, recovery and gives you advice on how to improve.

As humans, we wander through life with remarkably little information on how our bodies are performing. Why are you tired, sick, injured, fatigued? What sequence of actions (or lack thereof) led to that state? Conversely, why are you peaking physically, alert, primed…in the flow state? How can you get back there? Stay there?

The WHOOP is designed specifically to help you improve your exercise performance, recover better, get more sleep and feel empowered about your health and fitness habits.  

SLEEP: Science tells us that you don’t get stronger in the gym (that’s what breaks you down), you actually get stronger during rest. Sleep can be the forgotten third of your life. It’s the period to repair, regenerate and prime your mind and body for peak performance. WHOOP measures not only how long you sleep, but the time spent in each stage to better understand sleep quality. 

The WHOOP Sleep Coach tells you exactly how much sleep you need to reach your desired performance level the next day.

RECOVERY:  Get insight into key biometrics such as your heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep performance. Know when your body is ready to perform and when it needs rest on a scale of 0 to 100%.

STRAIN – A true measure of how much stress you’re putting on your body, both mentally and physically. WHOOP Strain is measured on a proprietary scale of 0 to 21 and can be affected by things like exercise, work, anxiety, running errands, parenting, and more.

Monthly membership required.

Kate Shelton
Kate has led a diverse career in both the arts and business management. From dancing with the prestigious National Ballet of Canada to earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at Ryerson to then taking on the entrepreneurial role of running a small business, Kate’s wide range of experience has allowed her to develop a keen eye for art and design. As an avid Crossfitter, Kate has a true appreciation for leading an active, healthy lifestyle. She currently lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her husband and their wonderful son.