September Buying Guide: Cool Weather Fashion

Image: Brioni

We’re just going to boldly declare it: fall is our favourite season for fashion. The layers, the colours, the textures… We’re fully prepared to bid farewell to the pastels and florals of summer in exchange for jewel tones and luxurious knits.

We’ve looked to some of our favourite designers this season to compile some savvy-but-cozy looks for autumn. Read on for your September shopping inspiration.

A Touch of Velvet

For him: Brioni. Brioni’s F2019 collection is looking decidedly dapper with rich velvet blazers in a smouldering sheen. Opt for this burnt sienna jacket in the afternoon; at night, velvet provides just the right amount of flair to keep a dinner jacket from feeling dull or stuffy.

Image: Brioni

For Her: Fendi. A double-buttoned jacket can feel equally professional and playful. On longer pieces, it also serves to create structure at the waist. This look from Fendi features a velvet collar, shimmering in the light and bringing attention to the neckline and face.

Image: Fendi

An Elegant Leather Jacket

For Him: ALYX. Not all leather jackets are built for bikers or casual wear. This structured number from ALYX is elegant enough to wear to work or dinner; it almost serves double duty as a blazer, but with just the right amount of edge.

Image: ALYX

For Her: ALTUZARRA. The “Egan” jacket from ALTUZARRA cinches at the waist, creating a sharp silhouette. Its single-breasted design, notched lapels, and smooth calfskin leather make this made-in-Italy jacket feel instantly glamorous — but, at the same time, effortlessly chill.


An Oversized Scarf

For Him: RochasThere is perhaps no fall fashion piece that becomes a staple quite like the oversized scarf. It’s the perfect answer to those in-between days that feel impossible to dress for, when the wind is cool but the sun is still squeezing out that last bit of warmth. When it’s too hot for a coat but too chilly for long sleeves alone, a humungous scarf is just as useful as carrying a blanket around the neck — but it looks oh-so-fashionable.

Image: Rochas

For Her: Burberry. A knit scarf can keep us warm, but oversized silk scarves can equally come in handy for dressing up a plain autumn coat or jacket with a bit of personality. We love this draped look from Burberry, which feels instantly sophisticated while also allowing the printed pattern to be artfully showcased.

Image: Burberry

A Warm Collar

For Him: Hermès. It’s popped collar season! And hey, don’t knock it; those collars can come in handy against the cool night air. We love a fur-lined collar or a shearling peekaboo effect, and this rounded collar from Hermes makes good use of the cozy lining, extending it upwards and outwards for a dramatic (but practical!) effect.

Image: Hermès

For Her: Hermès. High collars aren’t just for outerwear. Also from Hermès, this Scottish jacquard cashmere dress features a removable collar, the perfect accessory for when you wish to feel cozy but it’s ever so slightly too warm for an outer layer. We also love the rich orange hue of this piece; it’s the perfect attire for pumpkin spice latte season.

Image: Hermès

A Printed Suit

For Him: Alexander McQueen. Who says suits have to be bland? We love the tweeds, houndstooths, checkers, and plaids of autumn — especially when they appear as a playful twist to formal wear. We’re digging this retro number from Alexander McQueen, and we especially love it with a mismatched jacket. Leave your outer coat open to create the illusion of a suave three-piece suit.

Image: Alexander McQueen

For Her: Dolce & Gabbana. As the days get shorter, those little black dresses can become a little bit cold, so make way for the fall equivalent — the little black suit! The elegant floral jacquard pattern of this Dolce & Gabbana look is the perfect, subtle bit of texture to elevate the monotony of an all-black ensemble. Best of all? The lining features a leopard-print stretch silk satin, so the fun begins the moment you shed a layer.

Image: Dolce & Gabbana

Image: Dolce & Gabbana