Ruby Modine Of Shameless Is Your New Favourite Triple Threat

Ruby Modine’s star is rising. From a role on Showtime’s critically acclaimed Shameless to the sweeping success of last year’s Happy Death Day, the young triple threat (that’s right; Modine is an actor, singer, and dancer) is quickly becoming a performer to watch. We recently spoke with Modine about the past few whirlwind years, as well as her bright future.

Our readers will recognize you from Shameless and the wildly successful Happy Death Day, but we understand that aside from acting, you also sing and dance. How did you become involved in each of these disciplines, and is there one in which you feel most comfortable?

I am comfortable in different ways with each. I feel the most naked when I sing and love that, but the way acting makes me feel is such a different level of sensation. Dancing, however, I’m still getting a grasp on! I love to dance so much and do the best I can, but am still learning with two left feet. GETTING BETTER THOUGH!

What was it like joining the cast of a television show that had already enjoyed a multi-season run with established, developed characters? Did the cast offer you any useful advice?

It was nerve-racking, like the first day at a new school. But they were very welcoming and offered lots of great advice, yes. I will always remember the lessons they passed on to me, like always staying true to yourself.

We understand that you were a fan of Shameless before you were cast in the role of Sierra. Did that make the audition process easier or harder?

A little of both. The excitement I had to be in the room with Jeremy Allen White, the writers, and casting directors was out of this world. The hard part was the level of anxiety to do my best job, because I wanted it so much. It’s dangerous to want a part that badly because then if it doesn’t happen, it’s even more devastating. Happily, I got the part!

Your love interest on the show, Lip (played by Jeremy Allen White), had already been romantically involved with other characters over previous seasons. How did you work to make your character’s relationship with Lip something that the audience hadn’t seen before? Did the writers offer any clues as to where the story was going?

I have sung Jeremy’s praises in many interviews and will do so again. He is the best co-star I could have not only worked with, but learned from. He is kind, generous, such a hard worker, and so highly respectful. Whenever I had to work, I made sure that I had plenty of interaction with the actors. There is a comfort level that comes from just being around the other actors, and I think that played into the character. There were no clues given as to future episodes, so it was about being on your toes and paying attention.

Any favourite moments or scenes from the show?

There were so many, but one of my favourites was the last episode of season seven, when we all danced in the Gallagher living room.

You starred in and recorded music for the short film Super Sex, which premiered in 2016 at the Tribeca Film Festival. How did you become involved in that project, and what was it like wearing multiple hats?

When I read the script, I wanted the role of the hooker. I begged my dad [laughs]. It was great! I love to sing and I love to act, so having both those jobs on one film was a dream come true. [At one point] there was a video online of me recording that song, and you could see the joy on my face and in my body language.

Can we expect to hear more music from you in the future?

Yes! I have two new songs ready to go after my next filming jobs, and about twelve written in my journal. Lots of new stuff with a few different artists. Over the moon!

Happy Death Day was a knockout success, grossing $122 million worldwide in a matter of weeks — which is huge, especially given that the film’s budget was $4.8 million. What was it like watching the film take off like that? Has its success opened any new doors for you in the months since?

Shocking! I thought I was working on a small, independent movie that would have found a niche in the market, but to see it take off and blow up the way it did was so fantastic! I am so happy for Christopher Landon and the whole cast/crew.

Happy Death Day and Shameless are extremely different genres. Did this affect the manner in which you approached each of the roles?

Every role is different and requires different research and attention to detail as well as a different mindset when at work.

We understand that you’ve got a soft spot for Chanel. What other fashion lines are catching your eye these days?

I’ve been working with Kim Cera at Harpers PR, who is better educating me on all facets of the fashion world. Right now it’s The Georgy Collection, Kamilla Purshie, Arnaa, and Racine Carèe that have me the most excited!

What can we expect to see from you next?

Lots of music and continued film, television, and streaming work. Can’t wait!