ROAD TRIPPING…..The new era of travel.

We all know with the current climate of COVID19 travel has been limited and altogether restricted at times. Yet taking a trip is one of the easiest ways to relieve stress, keep active and remain emotionally healthy. The adventure of exploring a new location – or returning to a familiar spot to unplug and relax – is one of the best ways to recharge. With so many digital ways to divert ourselves these days, many are looking for meaningful ways to unplug – rediscovering the necessity of just being. 

But as we all work to “flatten the curve” and halt the spread of the coronavirus, getting away and finding solace in the freedom of the road has become difficult – if not impossible. And when the world does begin to return to some semblance of normal, it’s likely that “normal” will look and feel quite different. Our idea of getting away may shift in unexpected ways. We might forgo longer trips for shorter weekend excursions. Lavish, all-inclusive trips may give way to a minimalist approach in a desert expanse or a quiet forest.

It’s easy to see these changes as consolation prizes, though. If we shift our expectations, some of the necessary lifestyle modifications that come about post-quarantine might just turn out to be exactly what we needed to achieve the relaxation we desire.

Rather than taking the extended, epic vacation in today’s world letting go of formalities and being flexible is key. Maybe even taking “work” on the road with you may have its advantages.  

The long-weekend approach provides for this flexibility. The appeal of deciding on a Monday that Friday would be a good day to take off, and then plotting out the two or three day excursion, is way less of a headache than trying to plan for seven to ten days. And if you are in an Airstream Trailer or Touring Coach, the trip is even easier to plan. No scheduling of flights. No searching for available hotels that meet your requirements. You don’t even have to board the pets if you don’t want to. And, should something come up, like poor weather in the direction you were heading, rerouting is as easy as looking at a map and finding a new destination. 

Another byproduct of shorter, flexible trips is that you stay relatively close to home. While this might not have the same allure of travel abroad or to far-away distant lands, it does lend itself to some convenience. No passport needed. No currency exchange. And of course the ability to return home if you start feeling tired or ill. 

Staying close to home and exploring your own region comes with the excitement of discovering those points of interest within a stone’s throw – destinations in your vicinity that you never knew were there. It’s like putting on an old coat that you haven’t worn in years and finding a $20 bill folded up inside the pocket – somehow that $20 just feels more valuable because it was always within reach. You just didn’t know it.

Traveling to a destination can be either a wonderful experience that sets the tone for the entire vacation, or it can be the thorn in your side that ruins your time upon arrival.

When traveling in an Airstream motorhome, you don’t have to wait to get to the hotel to unpack and begin enjoying the trip, you aren’t bothered by flight cancellations or delays, and every layover “stop” can be carefully curated, crafted and designed by you. You will never arrive at an unsatisfactory room, because your luxury hotel room is your method of travel.

So in closing, as the idea of vacation has changed significantly over the last few months – even in the last few weeks. We are forced to get creative and change our perceptions of what makes for successful time off. The idea of vacationing more often and exploring more frequently has been a growing trend in recent years – one that Airstreamers have fully embraced.

Courtesy of: Airstream