A Look Inside: Sky Residence at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Bangkok

Created in 2010, Sky Residence at the Ritz-Carlton Residences at Mahanakhon (a mixed-use skyscraper in Bangkok) is a luxurious oasis of cultural influence and artistry. The project was designed by David Collins Studio, an award-winning interior architecture practice based in London. With a portfolio of projects across five contents, David Collins Studio was poised to tackle Sky Residence with a unique and global vision.

We recently spoke with Creative Director Simon Rawlings on the project.

“From the very beginning when the building was conceptualized, David Collins Studio’s intention was to create a classical and timeless interior architecture and design concept, imbued with a distinctively Thai sensibility. Through immersing itself in the culture and indigenous craftsmanship of Thailand over the nine-year life cycle of the project, the Studio brought a definitive sense of place to the Residences, reflecting the cosmopolitan and international nature of Bangkok.

The demographic of the homeowners at the Residences were perceived to be well travelled and international, with a global outlook, and who would appreciate a narrative and layered interior architecture concept. The interiors concept throughout is natural, crafted, and layered; it reflects the precision of the building’s architecture and combines it with texture and materiality, sitting at ease with the building’s exterior, and yet juxtaposing it at the same time.

The biggest challenge with this project is one that occurs with every design — having the confidence in the vision. When these projects take a long time to create, and in particular MahaNakhon was 8 years in the making, I need to be very sure of myself and the vision in order to ensure that the design will always look good, and that the details we endlessly obsess over stand the test of time.”

Click through the gallery above to explore this luxurious home.

All images courtesy of David Collins Studio.