Ramsin Khachi – An Introduction

I’ve been working in this industry for over twenty-five years now and I can truly say that I still love what I do. I’ve been involved in construction or building projects ever since high school; it’s just part of who I am. In all these years, both working for myself and for others, I’ve always focused on evolving – getting better, learning more, and giving my clients exactly what they are looking for.

Reflecting back on it now, my success was built on my own fearlessness and a passion for building and design. My father is a brilliant man from whom I’ve learned so much through the years. He has a doctorate in architecture and his passion for design always inspired me. One of his lessons was that “Knowledge is power, so never stop learning – and although you will never know everything, it makes life so much more exciting.”

I’ve always set the bar high for myself, while I’m well aware of my limits; I ask questions and admit when I don’t know the answer. I strive to always improve at what I do and am constantly ready for a new challenge. I have applied these principles of growth to my businesses and built my companies one client at a time. I’m often asked to define my style; I like to think the only commonality in my projects is the attention to detail, thinking of every facet of the design and applying detailed excellence to each element.

One thing that I recognized early on in my career is that homeowners looking to build or renovate discovered a stressful grey area though which they had to helplessly navigate alone – that being the murky water found between the services of a designer and contractor. It’s in these areas where horror stories develop and ultimately make the thought of a building or renovation project a stressful and potentially scary venture for most. This realization led me to decide that Khachi Design Group’s focus would be ensuring that clients no longer had to wander alone. I design, I build, I decorate. I’m there on a project from concept through to completion; there’s nothing on a project that I don’t have an involvement in. This makes the process more comfortable for the client – the notion that my clients are never alone and that I am held accountable at every step throughout the entire process.

While some things have changed over the years, the important things have remained the same. I still have an insatiable appetite for what’s new and for the latest in gadgets and technology. I still visit every job site and I still set the design concept for every project. This is something I commit to every client.

My goal on every project is to render the space for its ultimate purpose with a design that encompasses the latest and best technology that the industry has to offer. I still spend a great deal of time travelling and researching these innovations that I apply to creating the best possible designs I can. Combining the two sides of this spectrum – the technical and the creative – results in well-defined, good-looking, detailed spaces that are distinctively Khachi and deliver performance in functionality and use.

At Khachi, we try to better ourselves each and every day. It’s my goal to help improve our world of design and construction. I want homeowners to overcome the fear and anxiety that these words generate. I will continue to strive to help my peers, to make the journey less daunting for our clients and to have them enjoy the process as much as they enjoy the end result.

Ramsin Khachi
Ramsin Khachi is a designer, writer, and media personality.

In the media, Ramsin shares his wisdom on various platforms such as the Marilyn Denis Show on CTV, the Toronto Star, the National Post, and various lifestyle magazines as well as his own online luxury magazine. Known for his vivacious personality and distinctive style, he educates on topics such as design trends, innovative products, and the latest in techie gadgets.

From real estate sales, commercial design, and construction to building custom homes, Ramsin’s experience has turned his once small, one-man construction company into a full service Design/Build firm. A leader in his field, Ramsin’s unparalleled integrity for quality and his knowledge of construction and innovation integration has made him a prominent member of the design community and a trusted influencer in design and lifestyle trends. In addition to his media appearances, Ramsin frequently lectures at public forums and to professional organizations and is a brand advocate to select partners.

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