Ralph Lauren Races Down The Runway For Fall 2017

We love when the fashion runway gets creative, and we especially love it when that runway makes its way into unusual, offbeat spaces. So, evidently, does Ralph Lauren; his Fall 2017 Show took place at Lauren’s private home in Bedford, New York. More specifically, it took place in his garage — but don’t let that thought conjure images of a new grunge line, shown amidst a backdrop of artfully placed tires and lead pipes. Far from it. Ralph Lauren’s garage houses one of the world’s most esteemed automotive collections, boasting such vintage cars as the 1955 Mercedes Gullwing and the 1938 Bugatti 57CSC. This is one luxurious garage.

Strutting the runway for Ralph Lauren this season were Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, who sported, according to a press release, “race-inspired looks, connecting the elements of speed, style, and beauty of the designer’s handcrafted vehicles with the very modern, yet timeless spirit of clothes.”

The show marked another first for the company: men were featured wearing looks from Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label collection alongside the women on the runway. That runway was reportedly lined with the designer’s cars.

Our engines are revving for this season’s line, which pairs vintage tweeds and 1940s-esque tailored blazers for the ladies with some skin-tight leathers and evening gowns in monochrome, bold, racecar colours. (One gown even sports a loud racing stripe down the front.) For the men, think classic luxury tinged with cool, devil-may-care bomber jackets— this is James Bond meets Nascar.

Hand-selected guests at the event included A-list stars like Katie Holmes, Diane Keaton, Jessica Chastain, Nina Dobrev, Kevin Love, and Armie Hammer.

“All of the clothes were so structured and beautiful and perfectly tailored,” said Nina Dobrev, speaking in an interview at the event. “Kind of like an antique car, in a way.”

“It was incredible to be here, surrounded by these cars,” said Jessica Chastain. “It really added a lot of excitement to the show.”

And while Chastain professed her love for the vintage cars and convertibles, she had her favorites from the runway as well — and, most exciting of all, the campaign’s message. “I loved the racing stripes,” she said. “So beautiful…It’s wonderful to be involved in a campaign that’s about empowering women. That’s a great passion of mine.”

These ready-to-wear looks are available now