Philips Travel Guide

New Year’s Eve is nearly upon us, and if one of your resolutions for 2017 is to travel more, you’re in luck! Ramsin Khachi recently partnered with Philips to share tips on dressing your best, and now that you’ve acquired a flawless wardrobe, you’ll need to pack it flawlessly for the road. Philips hereby brings you this comprehensive, ingenious little travel guide bon voyage!

1. Invest in reliable luggage

Traveling can be unpredictable – you want to ensure your suitcase is both versatile and sturdy, so regardless of what bumps, spills, and trips are thrown at you, you’re prepared.

2. Pack your shoes in a shower cap

This little trick can be the difference between clean and fresh clothes, or the less desirable contrary. Using the shower cap afterwards is not advised.

3. Roll your belt into your shirt collar

Crisp clothing is our main sacrifice while traveling. Using a belt to keep your shirt collar from collapsing will keep you looking sharp and put together.

4. Neatly roll or fold your clothing

Everyone knows when traveling, space is at a premium. Neatly rolling or folding your clothes allows you to take advantage of that extra space.

5. Philips OneBlade

A slim and stylish gadget that performs like a trimmer, styler, and shaver, it fits in any compartment and keeps the contents of your shaving kit to a minimum.