Philips Style Guide

Ramsin Khachi was recently asked by Philips to share his personal style tips when it comes to dressing your best. Whether the design at hand relates to interiors or fashion, his personal mantra is always the same: the devil is in the details.

But what are those details, exactly? These tips help to pinpoint the nitty-gritty of fashion; elements too often overlooked, but ones that can make all the difference.

1 Pocket Square

Busy patterns and pops of colour are perfectly suited for a pocket square.

2 Wallet

Avoid a big bulky back pocket look and look for something slim and small. Do some wallet spring cleaning and only keep the necessary cash and cards.

3 Belt

Shiny or flashy buckles should be kept for weekend attire, whereas classic brown or black leather are work-week appropriate.

4 Bowtie

Stick to silk fabrics and muted patterns for an extra polished look.

5 Sunglasses

Wayfarers continue to remain a classic style that suits almost every face shape. To mix it up, try a wayfarer with a mirrored or coloured lens.

6 Lapel Pin

Solid colours are perfect at the office, or on the weekend. Pins are traditionally worn on the left blazer lapel.