October Buying Guide: All About Design

As our avid readers will know, KHACHILIFE is a publication dedicated to the art of living well — and that means navigating this world with a keen understanding of how design influences every aspect of our lives. From the layout of our interior spaces to the clothing we wear to the technology we use, design can subtly or boldly determine our moods, the efficiency of our tasks, the way in which we perceive or create memories, and the way we treat others.

We’re celebrating design in its myriad forms this month, and so below we’ve rounded up some of our favourite designs and design experiences. From apparel to modern art, we’ve got you covered.


Costume National

Image via Costume National

Costume National is an Italian fashion house that has been around since the mid-’80s. It was founded by brothers Carrlo and Ennio Capasa, the latter of whom had previously worked in Japan as an assistant to prestigious designer and master tailor Yohji Yamamoto. Combining western and eastern sensibilities and aesthetics, Costume National produces ready-to-wear men’s, women’s, and unisex clothing. Its Fall/Winter 2019 collection is one for the postmodern professional: suits, long coats, and jackets that eschew sharp tailoring for a boxier, devil-may-care look. (Think of this line as the millennial’s answer to the corporate uniform.)


Aina Smart Ring

Image via Aina

To say that technology is getting smaller is an understatement. The market is flooded with smart wearables for the wrist, but for some of us, even a streamlined Apple Watch can be too much bulk. The Aina is a premium AI-powered smart ring that pairs with a mobile device via Bluetooth, functioning as a personalized remote. Control your smart home devices, accept phone calls (simply place your fingertips beside your ear to do so), keep track of your fitness metrics, and more. Best of all, perhaps, is the look of this thing; its team of product designers, engineers, and data scientists kept aesthetics in mind from the beginning of the design process, the end result being a sleek little accessory with 6 variants in colour and finish.


A Canadian Artist

Image via Jonathan Otter

Jonathan Otter happens to be one of our favourite Canadian furniture designers. We’ve interviewed this Nova Scotia-based artist in the past, but we’re so smitten with his beautiful woodworking that we simply have to include him in this design round-up. Otter has received international media attention and awards for his modern designs, including a Jury’s Joker Prize from the Arts and Crafts Design Award competition and a finalist spot for the 2016 Lieutenant Governor Masterworks Arts Awards. Forgoing digital design aids for a tactile, hands-on approach to his craft, Otter is producing some of the finest chairs and lounge pieces in the country.


Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion

Image via Lord Jones

The legalization of cannabis in Canada and some American states has introduced a brand-new ingredient to the beauty industry. Lord Jones is a luxury brand that totes itself as a purveyor of the world’s finest CBD infused products, the extract derived from select hemp cultivated in the United States. This lotion contains a measured dosage of 2mg of CBD per pump and has been formulated to create a cooling sensation upon contact. It is scented with the signature Lord Jones fragrance, a blend of sage, mint, and green citrus. (For those with allergies or sensitives, it is also available fragrance-free.)


Porsche Taycan Turbo

Image via Porsche

Porsche’s foray into the world of electric vehicles has resulted in one of the sleekest models on the market: the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. Competing with high-end carmaker Tesla, Porsche has developed its first low-riding electric sportscar with a 0-100 km/hr acceleration speed of 2.8 seconds. Its gross battery capacity is 93.4 kWh, with a charging time (for direct current with a 270 kW source) that clocks in at 22.5 minutes. The Taycan represents an entirely new platform for the luxury brand. “However, as expected,” the company says, “maximum emotion and pure driving pleasure hold true as they do for any Porsche.”



Image via Wikipedia

Prague is one of the hottest destinations these days for lovers of fine design. Start with the Gothic architecture in the Old Town and move on to the breathtaking examples of Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, and Revival elsewhere; don’t forget to also take in the twentieth century trends like Art Nouveau, Cubism, and Brutalism. Needless to say, a stroll through Prague is essentially a journey through time. The historic Centre of Prague and Průhonice Park, in fact, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prague is also considered to be one of the main cultural centres of Europe, boasting a National Theatre, a string of world-class museums, concert halls, and cinemas.


Arpège (Paris)

Image via Arpège

Arpège is a Paris-based restaurant owned by chef Alain Passard, a veritable rock star of the culinary world. It has earned three Michelin stars and claimed the No. 8 spot on the 2019 World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Known for his work with vegetables, Passard has created a haven in Arpège for vegan and vegetarian diners — but have no fear, carnivores, the dishes are so good that you won’t miss meat. Lovers of Netflix’s Chef’s Table will recognize Passard from the inaugural episode of Chef’s Table: France; viewers will also likely remember the chef’s commitment to growing his own vegetables in organic gardens.


Existing Conditions (New York)

Image via Existing Conditions

Situated in New York’s Greenwich Village, Existing Conditions is a cutting-edge cocktail haven that approaches mixology like an art and a science. Colourful drinks with unexpected ingredients reign supreme in this cozy and cool haunt. The menu is notated with playful and helpful descriptions of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic fare; the Canary, for instance, is a “sherry cocktail you want to drink going from Jerez to the Canary Islands,” while the Perry’s Thorn is a “refreshing berry gin that could revive a dead sailor.” Opt for a select few nitro-muddles like the Purple, which is made with Aquavit, acid adjusted grapefruit, and purple basil.


A Stunning Cultural Adventure

Image via Schloss Elmau

Situated 100 km south of Munich in the scenic Bavarian Alps, Schloss Elmau is a cultural retreat like no other. This luxurious hotel and spa is also home to concerts and talks; it even boasts what is perhaps the largest bookstore in any hotel and has become something of a literary institution. Film buffs visiting Schloss Elmau this month will be excited to know that Sebastian Koch (The Lives of Others, Homeland, Bridge of Spies) will be presenting a reading of texts by Dostoevsky, Brecht, Nietzsche, and Eco. He will be accompanied by Daniel Hope on violin, playing works by Bach, Ravel, and Schumann. Also not to be missed is the Pilates studio, a soothing space with windows offering views of the lush foliage of the region.  


Odunpazari Modern Art Museum (Turkey)

Image via Kengo Kuma and Associates

Designed by Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma and Associates, the Odunpazari Modern Museum in Eskisehir, Turkey was designed to stylistically pay homage to the town’s history and heritage of timber use. This stacked structure is also reflective of a unique amalgamation of the local architecture of the city, Ottoman dome architecture, and traditional Japanese architecture. This cultural institution is home to the Odunpazarı Modern Art Foundation, established to promote the city’s cultural identity and artistic and social life. It houses curated exhibitions and unique programming and is a must-see, inside and out.