North America’s Best Remaining Casino Resorts

The Atlantis, the Bahamas

Casinos are increasingly popular tourist destinations for those looking to experience some excitement on vacation. While Europe and Asia have exploded when it comes to casino growth, North America holds a much larger diversity of resorts than you might realise. There are some very luxurious and entertaining destinations in America, and they aren’t all located in Las Vegas! If these are destinations that appeal to your sense of luxury and wanderlust, here’s a look at some locations to consider for a future vacation.


It perhaps comes as no surprise that Atlantis makes our list; the casino is a luxury destination with a growing reputation. The Atlantis resort in the Bahamas headlined a list of Caribbean casinos with a page that declared, “Move over, Las Vegas.” That should give you an idea of the intensity of this particular venue. Atlantis is a massive and sprawling resort situated in close range of some of the Caribbean’s most stunning beaches. It has just about every type of amenity or entertainment you can imagine at a family or luxury resort, and the casino gaming options are virtually unlimited.

Casino de Montreal

The Canadian casino scene is particularly interesting in that gambling is essentially legal there, while it’s only available in very specific portions of the United States. This has led to a rise in gaming websites and apps that are fully regulated and legal in Canada, which could conceivably draw players away from actual venues. However, there are still several noteworthy casinos dotted around the country, including Casino de Montreal, which is one of the largest such venues in the world. There are countless gaming options and despite its urban setting, it’s a pretty picturesque destination, situated by the Old Port in Montreal.

Mohegan Sun

It may not get a ton of attention because it’s located in a town called Uncasville in Connecticut, but the Mohegan Sun is valued by casino lovers as one of the best of the bunch. Indeed, on a list of the best casinos in the U.S. that included options in Las Vegas, the Mohegan Sun came in second! But rest assured, this is a casino gamer’s destination more than a family resort or entertainment mecca. There’s plenty to do, including fine dining and upscale hotels that have been built around the casinos, but a trip to Mohegan Sun is about playing poker and spinning slot reels.

Hard Rock Punta Cana

Hard Rock Punta Cana is another of the Caribbean’s most impressive casinos, and while it’s no Atlantis, it still makes for a truly remarkable vacation. It’s a large venue, and is particularly known for its poker. But the surrounding country is much of the attraction as well. The Dominican Republic is considered one of the best places to visit in 2017 by Travel and Leisure, and is said to be “making a name for itself beyond sumptuous resorts and golf clubs.” Those willing to explore beyond the Hard Rock can enjoy a more authentic vacation than might be available at other commercial resorts. A short drive away you can find a wealth of activities including snorkeling, fishing, sailing, and a host of other things to do in this tropical paradise.


It wouldn’t be an appropriate list without a nod or two to Vegas, and in this case we’re pointing to one of the newer and more modern resorts in the region. You expect the same features at most Vegas casinos: great gaming options, plenty of entertainment, fine dining, poolside party atmospheres, and comfortable rooms. This describes what you get at the ARIA, except that you’re mostly getting the newest and best versions of all of the above! Plus, as with most any casino in Vegas, you’re also within walking distance or a short cab ride to other resorts. That’s certainly part of the attraction in this city, which remains the world’s premiere gambling mecca.

Wynn Las Vegas

Finally, this list simply wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the Wynn, which is still the gold standard for a Vegas establishment in some people’s eyes. In addition to the traditional Las Vegas attractions, the Wynn has a few unique offerings, like a wonderful golf course and a renowned shopping area (though the ARIA, too, is known for its high-end shopping). Top it all off with the fact that Wynn resorts have some of the most stellar reputations in the world, and this particular resort is among the most reliable when it comes to having a fantastic, luxurious vacation.


Author: William Edwards