Mixed Reality Is The Next Generation Of Tech

Mixed reality is one thing a person must see to believe; it truly feels like something out of a futuristic science fiction movie or book. The term “mixed reality” is exactly what it sounds like: it is a mix of virtual and real life, giving people an experience that contradicts the world as they see it. Another common term for this technology is “hybrid reality.”

When virtual reality first came to be, people were stunned that they could immerse themselves within a virtual world, interact with objects, and interact with other gameplay simulations. This has been very effective in the training process for thousands of different careers—including military training, police, and law enforcement—with the help of technical and troubleshooting simulations. Virtual reality continues to grow as we find more uses for it, and now developers have begun to mix real world objects and situations with virtual objects and situations.

How Does Mixed Reality Work?

Physical and digital co-exist; in the physics realm, this is known as an inter-reality system. Mixed reality involves the live streaming of a real-world environment, or making a digitalization of an environment and programming a virtual environment to combine the two. It is comparable to a webcam chat, but in mixed reality, you would then change the background to make it look like you are under the sea, for instance, or in the jungle with large cats. The real object is placed in the virtual environment. The difference between a simple webcam and the mixed reality, then, is that you can actually interact with everything in the environment, be it real or virtual. It is truly the epitome of creating a world.

When reality is observed on a scale from left to right, it goes from the real world all the way over to complete virtual simulation. This is a black and white way of looking at what reality is and what it can be, but scientists and tech geniuses have created a grey area, which they call “augmented reality” — that is, mixed reality. The real world is augmented through computer generated environments and objects, or an external source inputs the context for the mixed reality.

Why Is Mixed Reality So Important?

This technology can be used in thousands of different applications. Imagine the possibilities of being able to augment reality as we see it. The arts and entertainment industry is certainly benefitting from mixed reality; video games are being programmed and sold as both traditional console and PC sets as well as VR sets, and the industry is booming with this technology.

The applications of this technology do not stop with video games, though; the education sector is using it to help people learn skills in a safe environment, which in turn helps to cut down on the amount of time needed to train. Through multiple studies done by reputable organizations, findings show that a person will learn more and in less time in certain situations with a mixed reality type of training. With this technology, there is no longer a need for the posing of hypothetical questions (“Okay, imagine you are here and this happens,” or, “Okay, say this happens and this is here and there,” and so forth). You can use this technology to effectively put someone in a real-life simulation of the scenario you are trying to convey.

The manufacturing industry is making incredible strides in setting the bar higher for other industries using the same technology. More companies are switching over to mixed reality to train people on machines, assemblies, welding, inspections, programming, and other crucial jobs and skills needed to keep the industry going.

Mixed reality is a huge step forward in the technology world. This amazing tech is designed to make people smarter, faster, and more efficient when working in the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a gadget guy.