Millo, The High-Tech Blender Inspired By Music Boxes

Our editorial team gets excited about a lot of cutting-edge tech devices here at KHACHILIFE, but we can’t say that one of the products that’s ever made us sit up and take notice is a blender. Until now, that is. The Millo is so sleek, so minimalist, so innovative-yet-simple, that as Mashable recently declared: “If Apple made a blender, this would be it.”

Millo Appliances, a food-tech start-up, began with a simple and common frustration. Founder and CEO Ruslanas Trakšelis was faced with the same dilemma each morning: waking up his wife and young daughter with the obnoxious sound of a traditional blender — or else skipping his daily ritual of a healthy, energy-boosting smoothie post-workout. He began his search for a quiet blender, which proved (pun intended) fruitless. And so, he set out to invent his own, envisioning a model that would be not just silent, but revolutionary in its controls and aesthetic. The result, finally, is a blender worthy of the late Steve Jobs’ kitchen.

Marketed as “the world’s smartest, quietest, and safest blender,” the Millo is completely cordless. Its quietness is all thanks to a wave of genius that came from the observation of a simple toy. In music boxes, the dancing ballerina is not physically attached to a motor of any kind; rather, it spins thanks to integrated magnets. The Millo was built using magnetic brushless engine technology, called AirDrive, which makes it three to four times quieter than average blenders on the market. That eardrum-splitting sound we associate with common blenders comes from old fashioned motors and blade connectors, so without those, the Millo is able to operate with a gentle purr.

The Millo was built using minimalism principles not just in appearance, but also in function. It is buttonless, controlled instead by touching the flat circumference of the base. (Think of this part of the blender as something of a landing pad — perhaps we’re fixed on this comparison because the silhouette of the blender itself looks so much like a rocket ship!) The touch surface is intuitive for our swipe-happy world; a swipe of the finger lights the ring and sets the blender into its powerful rotation. Alternatively, the blender can be operated via its corresponding smartphone app. When phone and blender are paired through Bluetooth, the latter can be operated from the next room. This app is designed for when a simple on/off swipe isn’t enough; when you wish to give the blender detailed instructions, the app will allow you to experiment with every tiny setting.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a smart device if its corresponding app wasn’t harvesting data, and so it also provides tracking of your smoothies and their nutritional value.

The Millo is made using a silicone base, BPA-free Tritan, brushed aluminum (bead blasted and anodized for durability and that timeless aesthetic), and a silk matte top.

There’s also a clever bit of innovation in the corresponding On-the-Go cup. Since cut fruits tend to oxidize quickly, losing taste and nutritional value, smoothies have an incredibly short life once prepared. The company is combatting this with a built-in vacuum valve on the lid; a hand pump will remove the oxygen from the chamber and keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

Half the hassle of traditional blenders stems from the cleanup afterwards. The Millo seeks to reinvent this too with a Smart Lid capable of being rinsed in seconds, or an additional cover which allows you to avoid immediate washing altogether. The glass top is smooth, which means no cleaning awkwardly around buttons and crevices, the usual problem areas of appliances. This lid also marks the industry’s first ability to remember blending preferences; just put on your lid, the company promises, and the blender will default to the smoothie you want most.

The Millo is portable and can make up to ten smoothies on a single charge, making it ideal for group outings like picnics or for business trips.

The company believes that the process of automation will amount to more personal time and freedom. “Natural foods simply prepared with a little help of smart technology will become a centre to gather families and friends,” the company explains on its site. Eager to order your own? The first one hundred people to reserve a Millo will get it delivered for free.




Images via Millo.