Menswear Trends To Look Out For This Winter

The nights are drawing in, the weather’s getting colder, and you may well be starting to think about making some changes — including, or perhaps especially, in the wardrobe department.

Not everyone is comfortable following the latest runway trends; these fads can look great on the catwalk, but can also seem very removed from everyday life. Fortunately, they tend to become more wearable once they’ve been filtered down to the ready-to-wear racks, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Here are five menswear trends to wear this winter.

Shearling Coats

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Stylish yet cosy, a shearling coat will keep you warm for years to come if you invest in something high quality. Lots of people, especially those in colder climes, seek out coats that are fully lined with the warm material — or you could go for a version that just has a shearling collar. Wear your coat over something simple, like a T-shirt or thin jumper. Rich autumn colours look particularly good with shearling.

Knitted Sweater

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It’s no surprise that the humble sweater comes back into fashion year after year. You can wear it over a shirt and tie in the office, or pair with jeans on the weekend for a more casual look.

This year we’re seeing sweaters in a wide range of colours and prints, like bold asymmetrical stripes, cool neutrals, and bright hues like red and green. Pick and choose to suit the occasion and your mood.


Tartan has often been a winter staple in most men’s wardrobes, whether it’s in the form of a checked shirt or a cosy scarf. This winter, checks are still around — but they are bigger, bolder, and guaranteed to turn heads. Wear the print on a scarf for a more subtle nod to the trend, or go all out with an eye-catching blazer or suit.

Hiking Boots

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Boots never go out of style, and this year it’s the humble hiking boot’s turn to take centre stage. Their practical, go-anywhere nature makes them perfect for battling the unpredictable winter weather, and their classic colours — think black, grey, and tan — go with almost anything.

Brown Accessories

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Brown is the colour of the season. Think rich chocolate brown, or what Pantone describes as a ‘toasty, burnished brown’ — basically, anything that will add some much-needed warmth.

Despite the popularity of monochrome and colour-blocking in 2018, wearing the same shade all over can be a bit over-the-top for some — or it can feel bland, especially when it comes to shades of brown. But you can still take part in the trend with carefully chosen accessories. Leather gloves, a cashmere scarf, and a smart satchel serve as great vehicles for the warm hue. Think of them as investment pieces.