May Shopping Guide For The Globetrotter

Ready to travel in style?

1. The Perfect Carry On

For people who wear suits or simply require crisply pressed outfits, you may want to consider traveling with a garment bag. These bags offer an effective way to hang your clothing upright during your trip. In most cases, airlines can also assist you in hanging your garment bag during the transit. Built slim with nothing extraneous to weigh you down, a smart garment bag cast in rich leather offers functional and elegant convenience.

2. A Great Camera

The Swedish Firm, Hasselblad, first forayed into the digital compact mirror less camera system with the launch of the Hasselblad Lunar, which comes in five ultimate models that include the use of Black Leather, brown Tuscan Leather, carbon fiber, mahogany and olive wood on the grip. Capture sharp images while traveling or on an excursion with the Lunar collection from Hasselblad.

3. Essential Skin Care Kit

Tucked away in a crisp white zippered bag, this mix of skin essentials will keep you hydrated and glowing throughout your journeys. This kit consists of the EVE LOM Cleanser, the EVE LOM Brightening Cream, the EVE LOM Rescue Mask, and the Kiss Mix lip treatment. Apply these hard-working, versatile formulas to quickly restore skin’s vibrancy and health.

4. Travel ID Luggage Tag

Victorinox, known for its Swiss Army knife, crafted this tag from aluminum with a steel cable to maximize durability. Emblazoned with the Victorinox logo, it makes a statement of ownership at once classy and dangerous. It also comes with a ‘lost bag recovery system’ that returns any bags free of charge.

5. A Travel Phone Charger

A phone charger has become one of the necessities of modern travel but, with few exceptions, these relatively new devices have yet to realize their potential as chique accessories. Clunky, boxy external batteries can be cumbersome when travelling, claiming far too much room in a carry on.

The Stow phone charger stands out from the rest with its sleek, compact body, which is available in either a black or soft gold finish. The Stow can produce 1.5 – 2 full charges and is compatible with almost any smart device.

6. City Guides

This Louis Vuitton offering is for globetrotters who like to travel in style, or at least dream about traveling with some luxury! This set of city guides that will give you an overview of luxury hotels, charming guesthouses, shopping, art galleries, hip nightlife spots, city life and culture – and of course, add some fashionable input to your trip.

The European city guide set includes Courchevel, Oxford, Beirut, Palma de Mallorca, Thessaloniki, and Porto Vervo. A more affordable alternative might be to get a single guide for the fashionable cities of New York, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, or Milan.

7. A Smart Travel Towel

Travel Towel is a must for luxury travel. The Travel Towel from the house of TravelTeq is a luxury travel essential; the towel is made from Irish Linen and has practical compartments to hold a wallet, iPad, book, and even swimwear. Apart from being 20 times more absorbent, the other advantages of using a travel towel are that it can fit two people for a nice picnic or can be wrapped round the body as a sarong.

8. A Luxurious Sleep Set

When Donna Karan stepped down from her eponymous line in 2015, the Donna Karan line was indefinitely suspended. Items still on the market now stand as relics of her time at the helm of the fashion house.

This travel sleep set is the luxurious antidote to scratchy airline pillows. The pillow and eye mask are made of smooth silk, making it easy to sleep peacefully amidst the noise and haste of travel. For easy carry, the set comes with a matching bag. Choose from two sumptuous colour options: Black Ice or White Gold.

9. Pocket Binoculars

Swarovski Optik CL Pocket Binoculars are the perfect companion for luxury travel and leisure. They offer unique optical quality of the highest order: a view of the image that is high contrast, sharp, colour true, and all in a handy format. Whether you are traveling, walking, sightseeing, or on an excursion, this small but brilliant pair of binoculars will be your perfect companion.

10. A Great Toothbrush

A fabulous toothbrush can be an unfailing companion when traveling. With five brush modes—Gum Care, Clean, Sensitive, Polish and White—the Philips Soniccare DiamondClean does not disappoint. Along with its smart design and sleek look there is a built-in timer, QuadPacer, for perfect pearly whites. The dual charging system is also a plus and includes a USB charging glass. Not only does the glass fit stylishly into your bathroom, but it also doubles as a rinsing glass. Enjoy two weeks of regular use from a single full charge. The premium travel case lets you store your toothbrush hygienically when you’re on the go.