March Spring Clean-Up & Declutter Shopping Guide

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean gutting last season’s wardrobe and airing out every cupboard and corner. Spring is a time of renewal; things are finally blooming instead of dying. The hours of daylight are lengthening rather than disappearing. Animals (and, let’s be honest, humans) are climbing out of hibernation.

This spring, we’re focusing not on spring cleaning in the traditional sense, but on expunging the toxins from our lives. And so we’re surrounding ourselves with items that are good for the Earth and good for the body — spiritually, physically, and mentally. Read on for some of our favourite products this March.

Fashion brand Ooloop was founded on the principle that the fashion industry should enrich communities and protect the Earth — without sacrificing in aesthetics. “Our mission is to showcase clothing that finds the sweet spot between impeccable design, ethical production, and ecological preservation,” says the brand, and true to their word, they’ve relied on a shocking array of materials to create some savvy pieces: recycled fishnets have been reimagined as bathing suits, and ocean trash has been turned into trendy pants. This spring, as the days are getting brighter and the UV rays a little harder to avoid, reach for a pair of Ooloop sunglasses. The retro-inspired Jarvus Sap pair is crafted from bio-based (wood and cotton) acetate, and semi-translucent frames give funky flair to an otherwise minimal silhouette.

Time to set skin free from bulky sweaters and treat it to a little TLC after the harshness of the dry winter air. Enter Sans Ceuticals, a skincare brand that derived its acronymical name from its core focus: Seasonal, Active, Natural, Sustainable. “The skin is our largest organ and absorbs 70 percent of what is applied to its surface,” says the brand. “This knowledge is the foundation on which we craft our formulations.” Made in New Zealand, Sans Ceuticals products contain no harmful toxins (conveniently, ‘sans’ also means ‘without’); ingredients are all-natural, and packaging materials are 100% biodegradable — even the print materials are fashioned from vegetable ink. This exfoliator is the perfect go-to for the changing seasons. Ingredients like ultra-fine bamboo granules, shea butter, goji berry, and vitamin E will leave the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated as it minimizes pores and reduces transepidermal water loss.



Washing spring attire after a long winter in the closet and applying a deep clean to those forgotten corners can leave the home smelling of harsh chemicals instead of the fresh spring air drifting through the open windows. Or perhaps unpacking seasonal wear leaves you with a mountain of garments demanding a trip to the dry cleaners — either way, The Laundress has you covered. The company was founded by Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd, two fashionistas who are passionate about eco-friendly, luxurious alternatives for keeping couture immaculate. The women met at Cornell University’s Fibre Science, Textile and Apparel Management Design program (seriously, they know their stuff), and the resulting partnership offers a line of clean, green products that are gentle enough to eliminate the need for dry cleaning. And if there’s one thing we enjoy about traditional spring cleaning, it’s when there’s considerably less of it!


Feeling sluggish from a season of heavy carbohydrates and dark alcohols? Total Cleanse totes itself as “Canada’s premiere juice cleanse delivery service,” and its Purify Cleanse is bound to replenish your nutrients and provide ample energy for enjoying the warmer weather. Optional as a single-day or weeklong cleanse (or any number of days in between), this cleanse plan includes six juices per day and amounts to 1200 calories in total. Green Energy, Lemon Rush, and Creamy Cashew provide enough energy to fuel you throughout the day, while eliminating most carbs, fruits, and sugars, and allowing the body time to flush itself of toxins.



Winter wreaks havoc on even the healthiest of hair. Dry, cold air can be damaging — but then again, so are the wools of the hats we wear to protect our heads from the harsh elements. Original Mineral is working hard to challenge the myth that haircare products without harsh chemicals provide inferior results. O&M carries a range of natural hair colours (99 shades of permanent colour and 28 shades of demi colour, to be exact) as well as haircare and styling products that range from volume builders and protein masques to Surf Bomb, a ‘Sea Salt Texture Spray’ — essentially, beachy waves in a bottle. So if your spring cleaning this year involves a desire for a new and rejuvenated look, opt for any one of O&M’s ammonia-free dyes and take pleasure in knowing the change will help, and not hinder, your precious locks.


Looking to give the skin of your face a boost before exposing it to heat waves and trips to the coast? ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND is a German company that has been pioneering complete care systems and leading the natural cosmetics market since 1959. This is one company that is serious about science; for instance, an international research project with Italian research institute Akott was conducted to “study the production and efficacy of stem cells from the Black Forest rose.” The brand is highly transparent about each and every ingredient used in its products – including how it was sourced. This Facial Firming Gel contains deep spring water from the red sandstone strata of the northern Black Forest, extracted from a well 165 metres deep in the earth. Its Romarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, known more commonly as rosemary, is a product extracted from organic farming. And with a gentle Citronellol fragrance, this gel will not only perform its perfunctory task of minimizing enlarged capillaries and refining the complexion, but it will also leave you feeling as fresh as the rest of nature.

Milder weather and blooming roses leaving you feeling romantic? Postplay Wipes are the perfect spring cleaning tool for steamy nights. Made from 100% cotton, the wipes are entirely free of harmful chemicals and contain citric acid, a natural pH buffer to help maintain the vagina’s healthy pH levels. Best of all, the subtle hint of Lavandula Angustifolia (that is, lavender oil) gives the wipes a fresh, sultry floral scent to clear the air and perhaps even spark the mood all over again.



Ooploop is so chic and eco-friendly that it’s made our list twice! This Ash Cork Sneaker is vegan footwear for those hoping to make more Earth-conscience choices this spring. Made in Portugal, each sneaker is made from ash cork and features an ash natural rubber sole and cork footbed, as well as organic cotton laces. This is a pair of shoes that feels like a neutral but packs on appropriate punch in the personality department. “Simple enough to go with everything, different enough to always stand out,” the brand promises. After the heavy snow this season, we’re looking forward to wearing this light footwear on a long and leisurely stroll through the park.

Hotter weather means more perspiration, and so it’s important to keep the body healthy and hydrated. Expel tap water from your daily routine with Belu. Not only is this Britain-sourced water naturally pure, clean, and crisp, but the company itself is committed to ethical business and championing the environment. And this isn’t a company with a little altruism thrown in for a pat on the back or marketing cred; through exclusive partner WaterAid, 100% of Belu’s profits are invested in ending water poverty. By the numbers, that’s £2,200,075.46 to WaterAid since 2011 and 146,671 lives transformed. With still and sparkling options available, Belu can help you change the world a little at a time.



“Aromatherapy works on three main levels: through the sense of smell, through absorption, and through absorption via skin,” explains Aromatherapy Associates London. The company is heavily focused on aromatherapy’s effects on the mind and body, studying chakras, pulse points, and the autonomic nervous system as it develops its various skincare products and tools. This Polishing Body Brush is perfect for helping your skin to start fresh this season — crafted from natural Cactus sisal bristles, it’s bound to leave your body feeling beach-ready and refreshed.