Holiday Gift Guide: The Luxe Gifts For Everyone On Your List

The holidays are just around the corner, and so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite luxury items to please anyone and everyone on your shopping list.

1. For The Chocolate Lover

luxury holiday gift guide - kid at heart, lego, louvre, novelty

The holiday season is a time for indulging in seasonal treats and confectionaries. Paxton Chocolates was founded by Caitlin Paxton, a pastry chef who trained at the prestigious Cordon Bleu. Each sweet treat is made from chocolate couveture sourced from Belgium, carefully selected flours and extracts from Scotland, and locally sourced ingredients. The chocolates are given a colourful, whimsical finish, making these the perfect seasonal gift. Our favourite? The Champagne Truffle Advent Calendar, of course.

2. For The Kid At Heart

luxury holiday gift guide - kid at heart, lego, louvre, novelty

Shopping for kids can be easy, but what do you buy for the kid at heart? The Lego Louvre provides all the fun of an ordinary Lego set while showcasing the sophisticated, world-renowned architecture of the world’s largest museum. This is the perfect conversation piece for small grown-up gatherings; sip seasonal cocktails around a table while assembling the iconic glass pyramid, tipsily impressing one another with knowledge of the famous museum’s facts and figures — and, of course, its grand scope of artwork.

3. For The Barista

luxury holiday gift guide - barista, Illy, coffee, espresso, Italian

Hoping to impress a coffee lover? Illy has been a big name in coffee since 1933. Today it’s a third-generation family company that continues to uphold its reputation for velvety coffee (made from a unique blend of nine Arabica beans) as well as high quality espresso machines that are easily spotted for their retro silhouettes. Each of Illy’s machines brings a piece of Italy into kitchens around the world, transporting us back to that first Illycaffè in Trieste with every frothy, smooth cup.

4. For The Wine Connoisseur

luxury holiday gift guide - wine connoisseur, L’Atelier du Vin, gift set, mixology

The holidays are a time for entertaining, and for the budding sommeliers among us, it’s a time to impress guests and enjoy that special vintage we’ve been waiting to uncork. L’Atelier du Vin, a French company that has been specializing in supplies and equipment for wine-making since 1926, brings us this handsome gift set with chicly designed tools. Best of all, it comes in a pale beech wood display case, which can be propped upright for easy access and show.

5. For The Music Lover

luxury holiday gift guide - music, B&O play, bluetooth, music lover

The market is flooded with oversized speakers and clunky offerings; for the music lover with a savvy approach to interiors, it can be hard to find the right balance of style and sound quality. The B&O PLAY Beoplay M5 Speaker satisfies both needs. Its Bluetooth connectivity and wireless design mean that it can be placed anywhere throughout the home and be moved as frequently as needed; in fact, the “M” in the product name stands for “moveable.” Wool softens the silver aluminum appearance, making this speaker seem luxuriously upholstered. Ready for holiday music?

6. For Your Favourite Pet

luxury holiday gift guide - pet, luxe dog bed, bricker & beam

Dogs may not know it’s the holidays—or know that holidays exist, for that matter—but they do know comfort. These lux doggie beds from Bricker & Beam have reinvented unsightly floor pillows, streamlining them and making the pet’s sleeping quarters a cute focal point as opposed to a sloppy eyesore. Each bed is handcrafted from sustainably sourced hardwood, and the covers are removable and washable. Place one of these beds between a crackling fireplace and a twinkling tree, and know that your pet is enjoying the holidays just as much as you are.

7. For The Home Techie

luxury holiday gift guide - technology, techie, Jibo

Shopping for tech lovers can be hard; they’re often married to particular brands, and it’s hard to know what they already have sitting in all those gadget drawers. So what do you buy? Well, how about a roommate? Unlike the Amazon Echo or the Google Home, the Jibo isn’t just a smart assistant; it’s the world’s first social robot for the home. It is able to interact with its environment and respond to stimuli, employing expressive movements and responses. Face and voice recognition technology means that this little guy gets to know your personality, and aside from being a helpful assistant and organizer, he’s also capable of cracking jokes. Think of Jibo as a loveable pet with the ability to keep you on track and dazzle you with conversation.

8. For The Romantic

luxury holiday gift guide - the million roses, romantic, golden roses, romance

Roses are a classic gesture, but they’re ephemeral gifts, ones that wilt quickly and only look truly beautiful for a few days at best. Enter Gold Eternity Roses, the luxurious option for hopeless romantics. These flowers are carefully preserved in a manner that allows them to maintain the look and feel of being freshly cut. Each stem is placed in a mixture of glycerin and other plant elements, which replaces the sap in the trunk with liquid. The flowers are then sprayed in a 24K gold colour. With a lifespan of up to one year, your beloved can enjoy this beautiful bouquet two holidays seasons in a row.

9. For The Fashionista

luxury holiday gift guide - gucci coat, fashionista, fashion

Shopping for a fashionista? This Gucci coat’s fun eclectic spirit makes it a statement piece bound to sit comfortably in just about any wardrobe. A rich ivory cotton-blend tweed is offset by a faux shearling, but these heavy materials are anything but bulky; offering definition at the waist is that signature Gucci red and green webbing. The funky pussy-bow at the collar is detachable, allowing for a look that can change at will. The burnished gold “GG” buttons will catch in any holiday lighting, and with a blend of wool, alpaca wool, and mohair, this is a high fashion coat that doesn’t sacrifice warmth for beauty.

10. For The Adventurer

luxury holiday gift guide - custom surfboard, adventurer, travel

You may have a hard time fitting this one under the tree, but who can resist this luxury, made-to-order surfboard in exotic snakeskin or natural painted anaconda? The skins are sourced from around the world, and bespoke services mean that the board can be crafted in any size. And this is one board that is just as suitable for the home as it for the crests of waves; for those who simply love surfing culture or hope to achieve that effortless California aesthetic in the home, the company totes this as the ultimate objet d’art.