Looking Smart: The Verdera Mirror Is Revolutionizing Our Reflections

Imagine, if you will, rising early one morning with the knowledge that a hectic day looms ahead. Meetings, errands, dinner reservations, tickets to a show. You try to remember the restaurant at which you’ve agreed to meet a friend, but the name escapes you. You make your way to the washroom to shower and get ready for the day, still racking your brain for that name. You look in the mirror and see your own reflection, and ask that reflection to remind you the specifics of the dinner reservation.

A voice emanates from the mirror. It tells you.

Now, it may not exactly be your reflection speaking like a magical mirror in a Disney film, but technological advancements in the world of smart devices continue to blur the line between fantasy and reality. And with a new mirror by Kohler, your ensuite is magically transformed from a washroom to a high-tech, smart at-home spa.

The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror with Amazon Alexa puts Kohler ahead of the curve; it’s the first commercially available lighted bathroom mirror with Amazon Alexa embedded. The mirror functions like an Amazon Echo with all of the capabilities—playing music, providing weather and traffic updates, providing access to your calendar, shopping—with none of the extra clutter on the bathroom countertop.

This product is a part of the Kohler Konnect portfolio, a series of smart products that can be controlled by voice or via an app. Prepare for the day ahead at a leisurely pace by checking your calendar while you get ready; access your calendar while applying make-up or brushing your teeth. When the day is over, no more finding yourself lounging in the bathtub and wishing you had remembered to turn on music before you lowered yourself into the water; simply ask Alexa to play the album of your choice, and your mirror will oblige. And what a sound — the Verdera features speakers in hermetically sealed casing, meaning stereo sound quality!

Aside from the endless convenience of its smart capabilities, the Verdera Lighted Mirror boasts ingenuity when it comes to its lighting, too. The Verdera is equipped with LED lighting that can be adjusted by voice, delivering premium illumination at a consistent level. “Many task-oriented lighting options on the market today are inconsistent in lighting output, which shows up in ‘hot spots’ (too much light in one certain spot) or ‘shadows’ (spacing in the light bar that does not emit sufficient lighting),” explains a recent press release. “Both of these scenarios can cause undesired reflections and shadows on the user’s face and head.” This ensures that cosmetics application, shaving, plucking, and any other grooming activities can be carried out with precision. And with its ample storage space inside the medicine cabinet, which features adjustable glass shelves and a mirrored interior, your products will be every bit as organized as your calendar.

The Verdera, like any smart device, is designed to help life run a little more smoothly. But perhaps one of our favourite features is designed for when the day is over; rather than searching for a light switch or your phone flashlight in the dark, a motion-activated nightlight will illuminate the way — bright enough to see by, but dim enough to not interrupt the circadian rhythm. Super smart… And after all, shouldn’t a mirror be as smart as the person reflected in it?




Images via Kohler