LIVING ON THE EDGE – the Terraced House

Terraced House is a natural retreat with million-dollar views. Perched proudly over Table Rock Lake, it feels at home on its site, and takes full advantage of its vista and the natural surroundings.

For HUFFT’s design team, the goal of Terraced House was to create a home for a young family to enjoy the nature and activity of Table Rock Lake. To navigate the challenge of an incredibly steep site, the home is conceptualized as terraced sections, with each terrace serving a different core function of the home. A sense of peace is instilled immediately upon arrival. The home is designed for generations of family members and friends to enjoy varied access to the site’s seemingly-unlimited views.

Because Terraced House is a second home and would likely host a number of family and friends as guests, its owners wanted a majority of the focus to be on spaces to gather. The main “terrace” capitalizes on views of the lake and holds the primary gathering spaces to socialize. A large, open kitchen is ideal for hosting family and friends. The casework package, designed and produced by Hufft’s in-house fabrication studio, offers plenty of storage and helps establish a flow through the open space. Breaking the expanse from the kitchen to the large patio is an expansive dining table, also designed and fabricated by Hufft. The table is made from a locally-sourced book matched slab of air-dried black walnut, and rests on a sturdy powder-coated steel base. 

The upper and lower terraces, which feel more private in nature, contain living quarters. The master suite comprises the lower level, and is connected to a smaller walk-out patio for enjoying quiet summer evenings. Above the main and lower levels, multiple guest rooms and bathrooms, including a children’s room with built-in bunk beds, and laundry form the upper terrace.

The upper and lower terraces, which feel more private in nature, are the living quarters. The master suite comprises the lower, with multiple guest rooms, a children’s room with built-in bunk beds and laundry making the upper terrace.

A large exterior patio spills off the main living area, extending the interior out into the open and blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor living – exactly what the clients hoped to achieve. Like the rest of the home, outdoor spaces follow the same terraced concept Each level is connected by steps, starting with the car port that leads down to the patio off the kitchen and dining area. Following is the pool, which is made from a shipping container. A sizable lawn rounds out the outdoor terrace parti. 

Exterior materials, interior finishes and furnishings were selected with the intent of feeling sturdy, natural and lived in. You get a sense of this as soon as you approach the house and see the Corten steel that has already begun to weather. 

The sturdy architecture of the home’s exterior morphs into a soft, bright interior when you enter. The interior is fully-framed around maximizing views of the lake, and intentionally minimal for this same purpose. The color palette is warm and neutral. With floor-to-ceiling windows in most areas of the home, natural light fills the home, even on overcast days.

Each space feels grounded, warm and protected, without obstructing any views of the serene lakeside surroundings.


Hufft is an architecture, interior design and fabrication studio with offices in Kansas City, Missouri and Bentonville, Arkansas. 

Hufft was founded on the belief that an open dialogue between designers and builders leads to innovative design and projects that are ultimately more valuable for the people they serve. They apply a rigorous approach to design that seeks to identify and understand the use of their client’s biggest challenges and will use it as a catalyst for innovation.

With deep roots in residential design, Hufft has also built an expanding portfolio of commercial, institutional and hospitality work. Today, they are a nationally-recognized, award-winning design firm that employs an interdisciplinary staff of architects, interior designers, artists and craftsmen. 

Their studio is organized to foster a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment that expands traditional notions of the architectural practice, integrating designers and builders into one seamless process bringing meaning to everyday life through work that strengthens the connection between people and place.

Photo Credit: Hufft

Kate Shelton
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