Living Like Sinatra: Palm Springs’ Essential Addresses

Once celebrated as the perfect weekend destination for Los Angelenos, Palm Springs has seriously upped its game in recent years, and now the desert oasis merits longer, lazier trips. Boasting a new design district as well as countless new hotels, the desert city has refashioned itself for the next generation. Don’t let its location put you off, either; sheltered by the Bernardino, Santa Rosa, and Mount San Jacinto ranges, the city is more temperate than you might think, buffeted by consistent breezes. Cool in every sense of the term, Palm Springs enjoys an incredibly pleasant winter season, making it the perfect place in which to escape when the seasons start to change.

First things first: it’s time to check out the city’s much-talked-about design district. Hitting the mark between old glamour and contemporary style, the area offers up retail experiences for any kind of shopper. If high-end vintage fashion is your bag, the ever-charming Mitchells is bound to offer up a treasure or two. Housing apparel from the likes of Chanel and Louis Vuitton, the store is bursting with luxurious possibilities. If, on the other hand, you’re partial to a more selective fashion edit, try turning your attentions to Wil Stiles. Home to art, accessories, and fashion, the store has a streamlined selection, perfect for lovers of minimalism.

Feeling peckish? Food is a high point in Palm Springs, and across the city, there’s a huge amount of cuisine from which to choose. Norma’s has built up something of a legendary status over the years, and it’s not hard to see why. The restaurant’s menu of rock lobster and mango salad, foie gras French toast, and artichoke eggs Benedict is both classic and contemporary in equal amounts. Comfort food has never tasted—nor looked—so good!

Located within the Colony Palm Hotel, it’s the Purple Palm that’s really got the attentions of locals and tourists alike. Having been renovated back in 2014, the upmarket eatery has since attracted foodies from across the world, not least because of its unique, plush decor. The food in the place is always a delight, and while you’re guaranteed a good time regardless of what you select, the Morro Bay black cod never disappoints.

The Purple Palm at the Colony Palms Hotel (

The Purple Palm at the Colony Palms Hotel (

Hotels are something of a speciality in Palm Springs, and across the city, there’s a real smorgasbord of hotel real estate. A mid-century classic, L’Horizon Resort and Spa came to life in the 1950s, and still has all of the charm of its glory days. While the interior was revamped back in 2015, it’s still as luxurious as ever, housing open fireplaces, a luxury spa, and intimate bedrooms. If you’re on the hunt for something a little more secluded, however, try your luck with The Willows. Located on the slopes of Mount San Jacinto, this Palm Springs retreat is one of the most beautiful spots in the region. Make sure you book in advance, however; with just eight bedrooms and a stellar reputation, The Willows books up quickly.

Hannah Lamarque
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