Leaked: Amazon’s New Echo Touchscreen

In new information leaked last week by Amazon, the Echo has received a major upgrade in the form of a touchscreen. The Echo Show is now available for preorder at a price of $229.99 USD and uses the same Alexa technology as the voice-only Echo, but with much more user-friendly functionality. Now is the best time to buy, because Amazon is offering an exclusive pre-order bundle with two for only $360. These new devices are set to begin shipping to customers at the end of June.

The Echo Show gives users much more interactive content with a built-in 7-inch display. It can play music videos; it can stream content from Amazon Video, YouTube, and other social media applications; it organizes news briefings from The Hill and weather reports; it shows your daily calendar and planner. You can even set the Echo Show beside your bedside table at night and connect it to your security system and WiFi to display your camera video feed, so that you always feel safe in your home. Soon you will even be able to make and receive telephone calls through this device!

Another upgrade from the voice-only Echo is that the Show will have 8, rather than 7, microphones. The 7-inch screen will feature a 5-megapixel camera and a pair of speakers that are 2 inches wide. This makes video chatting with friends and family easy and convenient, especially since the Echo Show can sit up on its own, leaving your hands free to chat and work or whatever else life has you doing. As soon as Amazon releases the application to allow the Echo Show to start making voice calls and messages, Echo technology will earn a permanent seat at the head of the table when it comes to in-home technology.

Although the Echo Show may look like a bulky tablet and is perhaps not the most attractive piece of in-home technology, this device features Alexa voice controls and is a huge step in what appears to be a growing line of technology from Amazon. Just recently, for instance, the company launched Echo Look, a device that develops a personal style guide for its user through what Amazon refers to as a “personal lookbook.” This device uses Alexa technology as well and takes full-body photos of different outfits that you wear. You can select two photos to compare side by side with preprogrammed results to consider fit, color, season, current styles, and trends, and Amazon style specialists will determine which outfit is better for you to wear. 

This newest release from Amazon is sure to be a great step up from the voice-only Echo, but only the beginning of other great things to come from this leader of in-home technology. There isn’t much that Alexa won’t be capable of doing in the future when it comes to smart home needs, and Amazon is leading the market when it comes to pushing the technological boundaries on devices that can connect conveniently. 

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a gadget guy.