Lavender & Earl Grey Tea Latte Affogato

Ease into fall with a warm cup of tea; wave farewell to summer with a cool kiss of ice cream. Combine the two for a decadent Affogato.

Affogato means “drowned” in Italian, and the word is commonly used throughout Italy to refer to a single scoop of vanilla ice cream (or gelato) swimming in a pool of espresso. We are putting a spin on the traditional recipe and swapping out the espresso with lavenderinfused Earl Grey tea. It’s the clashing of the hot with cold, dark and light, sweet and bitter, that reminds us of the transitions between the warm, latter days of summer with the cool and darkening beginnings of fall.

When serving as a dessert, be sure to separate the hot tea and ice cream and let your guests do the “drowning” themselves.


Earl Grey tea

1 heaping Tablespoon lavender buds or a drop of pure lavender essential oil

Vanilla bean ice cream 


Steep 4-6 tea bags in a large teapot full of hot water for at least 5 minutes, or until very dark. This can also be done over the stove in a large saucepan filled with water. (Be sure to turn off the element before adding the tea.)

Add lavender to the teapot and allow to steep another 2 minutes.

Scoop vanilla bean ice cream into mugs and sprinkle with lavender buds. Pour the hot tea over the top and serve with a spoon. 

Becky Bayda
Becky is completing her education towards Holistic Nutrition and is focusing her research on mental health and sports. She uses her blog to help share her vision and knowledge, which focuses on restoring balance and empowering people through wholesome living.