July Buying Guide: Outdoor Living

Who says that taking to the outdoors is synonymous with roughing it? This July, we’re making the most of these long, hot days and enjoying nature at its most radiant. But, of course, we’re doing it in style! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite products for migrating the comforts and little luxuries of home into our backyards and camping sites. Read on for inspiration on making your outdoor spaces a lot more luxe.

Classy Exterior Furniture

When the sun is high and the evenings warm, you’ll likely want to move those casual gatherings to the patio or pool. A cool, comfortable furniture collection will help make lounging about with friends and family feel like you’re sitting on the rooftop of a five star hotel. This sleek furniture line from Jardin de Ville is aptly named the Statement Collection. Complete with a two-seater, three-seater, and lounge chair, this collection can be shuffled around to accommodate different seating arrangements. Pieces are made from aluminum for easy maintenance and are available in both white and brown — though we’re admittedly partial to the white for that light, bright summer aesthetic.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Whether you’re camping or road tripping, there are little pieces of home that can help to make even the most off-the-grid sleeping arrangements feel lavish. Brave Era offers a line of luxury travel sheets that are compact and lightweight — about the weight of an iPhone, in fact — and can be easily packed in any purse or suitcase. Made from natural silk, these sheets are hypoallergenic, and the natural fibres absorb and release body heat for a cool night’s sleep. These sheets can especially come in handy when travelling to places with disease-carrying mosquitos or questionable critters; pack your own bedding for peace of mind.

A Stylish Shade

Sun moderation is an important part of ensuring that a glowing tan doesn’t become a red, angry burn. This stylish offering from TUUCI isn’t your average patio umbrella; the brand refers to this piece as a Shade Sculpture, and it’s the perfect artistic accent piece for your exterior space. Aptly called the Stingray in honour of its distinct shape, it is made from both natural and state-of-the-art, marine-grade materials, and can rotate 360 degrees around its vertical axis — basically, the Stingray can easily move to accommodate the sun’s path at any time of day. TUUCI totes the sculpture as “design-in-motion,” and with its customizable colour options, this will prove a savvy addition to any contemporary décor scheme.

A Portable Blender

If your ideal breakfast is less campfire-cooked bacon and eggs and more in the ballpark of healthy fruit smoothies or shakes, this is the camping accessory to add to your gear immediately. The GSI Vortex Blender is hand-powered via an ergonomic crank, making it perfect for campsites and off-the-grid cottages. A two-speed gear system also makes this convenient for mixing waffle batter, sauces, soups, salad dressings, salsa, and even baby food. For those party nights, it can make short work of cold, refreshing granitas. Parts disassemble for easy storage in your luggage, and an exclusive pour-through locking lid design means no mess, no matter how makeshift the kitchen!

A Chic Hammock

There’s a reason why TUUCI makes our list twice; its products are the very epitome of luxurious outdoor furniture, and the Air Lounge is no exception. Crafted from durable hardwood and the quality marine-grade materials the brand is known for, this modernized hammock can be erected between trees or independently thanks to its freestanding frame. The Air Lounge features Ultra Dry Core Comfort Mesh, which gently contracts and expands as the hammock moves, making for a comfortable ride. It is also engineered to dry quickly, and so is perfect for those who like to lounge in the sun after a dip in the pool or lake.

An Updated Fire Pit

Getting out of the city in summer isn’t always an option; work and personal obligations can keep us trapped in the urban jungle as we dream of cool breezes blowing in from the ocean. Enter Stix, a rustic-inspired contemporary fire pit that combines the look and feel of a campfire with the elegance of industrial minimalism. Designed by acclaimed Barcelona-based designer Hiroshi Tsunoda, who is known for his geometric-inspired silhouettes, Stix uses tubular stainless steel to mimic the lines of campfire logs. Further create the illusion by selecting the piece in a brass or copper finish, and voila! Your backyard is now an urban oasis.

Mood Lighting

Loving the unique, luxurious aesthetic of the Stingray and Stix? Further transform your backyard with the Wing Lamp. These twisting, sculpture-like outdoor lights are made from polyethylene resin. The eye-catching shape is achieved by process of rotational moulding, and these extreme curves and angles are often seen in architecture these days thanks to significant advances in engineering. Place one of these beside your lounger for easy reading by night, or line a pool or walkway with several lamps for a dynamic effect.

A Luxury Camper

If the thought of sleeping on the ground in a tent makes your skin crawl, a comfortable camper trailer will make those weekend return-to-nature trips a lot more bearable. Designed by Netherlands-based YSIN (Your Suite In Nature), this unique camper is inspired by the iconic Sydney Opera House. The camper features a low profile, compact, lightweight design that makes it easy to tow behind smaller vehicles. The process of setting up your campsite in this innovative oasis is a lot simpler than driving pegs into the ground; the top folds open to create a teak back deck, and the sailcloth tent pops open. Inside, two electrically adjustable beds (that can easily be consolidated to form a single, larger bed), warm running water, a ceramic toilet, top-loading refrigerator, and Scandinavian-inspired details blur the line between tiny home and boutique hotel.

Luxe Travel Accessories 

Modern luxury English brand Thomas Lyte may not be a name that immediately comes to mind when one thinks of outdoor living, but the company offers a range of leather travel accessories that will provide an immediate upgrade to your getaway. Options include a travel wash bag in smooth black leather, a tan leather cosmetics case, a natural leather credit card sleeve in chocolate, leather-encased universal travel adapters, and sleek removable journal covers for those who like to keep a travel diary or organized itinerary. Perhaps our favourite product, though, is this portable, handcrafted Backgammon game, designed to roll into a compact fine petrol leather and natural suede case. Perfect for breaking out around the campfire — or the backyard, around the glowing Stix!

A Vintage-Inspired Picnic Basket

Pauline Moynat founded her eponymous atelier in 1849, and the brand has been crafting artisan bags and trunks ever since. Luxurious offerings include the curved Campagne Trunk for Krug, the circular Macaron trunk for Pierre Herme, and the paint-splattered Artist Trunk for Mambo, which opens to reveal a foldout easel.  Perfect for summer is the Bicycle Trunk, which features a triple-curved bottom to perfectly cradle the front wheel of a bicycle. This compact, tapered case is equipped with everything you’ll need for those romantic dinners in the park; dishes, cutlery, and even a small table will make for an upscale picnic experience that’ll have you lingering in the outdoors, long after the sun goes down.