July Buying Guide: All About Glamping

Ah, glamping: the luxe variety of camping for those who enjoy being in nature but don’t exactly enjoy — well, camping. Love the escape, but hate vacationing without the comforts of home? Covet the quiet of a wooded grove or peaceful beach front, but shiver at the thought of leaving behind comfortable thread counts? Glamping is definitely for you.

Last year, the glamping-themed wedding of Trojan Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams set trend-scouters afire, hunting down inspiration for their own glamorous getaways. And with summer at its peak, there’s no better time to cruise out of the city and create your own little opulent retreat in the great outdoors.

We’ve rounded up our favourite products that will help make camping less about roughing it and more about living it up.

Seora Lounger Classic

Founded in London in 2012 by design entrepreneur Anthony Logothetis, this luxury line makes high end furniture pieces intended for that beachfront, yachting lifestyle we crave. Handcrafted in Northern Italy, the company’s inaugural product, the award-winning Seora Lounger, is beloved by Cate Blanchett and has been featured in numerous high-profile projects. Available in teak or a gleaming mahogany, this lounger is a free-standing twist on the classic hammock.

Oru Kayak

“We believe that connecting to nature is a deep human need — even for those of us who live in cities.” Such is the declaration and modus operandi of Oru Kayak, a Kickstarter success story and winner of a host of innovation and design awards. Inspired by the kayaks of Greenland and informed by Japanese origami, these kayaks are designed to fold in on themselves until they’re no bigger than a suitcase. Perfect for urban dwellers with limited storage options, or those who seek adventures in largely unexplored waters accessible only by long hikes, these innovative boats fare well on everything from the ocean waves to river rapids or the glassiest of alpine lakes.

Dutchtub Wood

Traveling to a five-star hotel means extended stays in the hot tub or ensuite jacuzzi. Now Weltevree, a Dutch design manufacturer that focuses on outdoor living, has created a hot tub that makes the hot tub experience accessible to glampers. The Dutchtub Wood is lightweight, weather-resistant, and heated only with wood. This is a luxury version of the Dutchtub Original, created by Floris Schoonderbeek in 2003. “I want to experience that pleasure again when you discover things yourself, that feeling of independence,” says Schoonderbeek. “Products you can do things with, that come to life when in use. You must heat the Dutchtub yourself with wood. After those efforts you can lay back with a satisfied feeling and enjoy the stars from a lovely warm bath.” Pour yourself a glass of champagne and enjoy the Dutchtub Wood on a warm summer evening as sunset turns into dazzling starlight.

Hampton Sun SPF 55 Continuous Mist 5.0 oz.

A glamorous approach to camping doesn’t mean that you’ll be any less exposed to the elements. If your plans include lounging in a luxury hammock or a sunny repose on the beach, don’t opt for drugstore-variety sunscreens that leave an oily residue or fall away at the first signs of water or perspiration. This offering from Hampton Sun is approved by dermatologist Dr. Lance Brown thanks to its Polycrylene formula for advanced water resistance, and the addition of aloe vera makes for silky, healthy skin. Best of all, the eco-friendly bottle features a dispenser that mists continuously—hence the name—and allows for even coverage.

Aromaflage Botanical Fragrance and Insect Repellent

The bad news is that insects don’t care whether you’re roughing it or camping in luxury; they’ll still find you. The good news is that Aromflage offers a luxe improvement on foul-smelling, eye-watering bug sprays. Free of parabens and harsh chemicals, this spray is made from essential oils and boasts a fragrance that hints of vanilla, warm cedar wood, and exotic orange. Don’t even think of this as an insect repellent; think of it as a beautiful perfume that does double duty to keep your skin fragrant and bite free.

Pendleton Camp Roll-Up Blanket

Pendleton blankets have that vintage aesthetic that reminds us of camping as children, wrapped in cosy blankets around a campfire. The Camp Roll-Up Blanket has a wipe-clean nylon back, which makes it easy to maintain and perfect for either wrapping up in or laying down as a picnic blanket for a romantic date in a wooded clearing. The roll-up design and carrying handle make it a breeze to simply pack up and go, and the 100% virgin wool top, a plaid woven in Pendleton’s American mills, will keep you oh-so-cozy on cool nights.

I.N.O.X. Titanium Sky High Limited Edition

It goes without saying that we’re endlessly attached to our cell phones these days, even when it comes to something as simple as timekeeping. There’s nothing simple, however, about the latest limited edition watch from Victorianox. Glampers in search of a truly unplugged vacation can leave their phones at home and opt for the I.N.O.X. Titanium Sky High, a handsome device that is both analogue and innovative, all in the same package. The watch’s inspiration is derived from the use of Paracord in both the Mars rover landing and Hubble Telescope repairs; the Naimakka paracord attachment’s Technora® inner strings are eight times stronger than steel. This watch is built for the true adventurer, as it can withstand thermal shocks, rapid temperature variations, and altitudes twice the cruising height of commercial airliners. Perfect for those who like to pair their glamping with a thrill-seeking adventure.

VX Touring Expandable Medium Duffel Bag

Another offering from Victorianox, the VX Touring Expandable Medium Duffel Bag combines the convenience of wheeled luggage with the compact size of a weekend duffel. Lightweight and unstructured, this duffel features interior and exterior compression straps and both the inner and outer shells are abrasion resistant. As well, the fibreglass-filled ABS framing tubes ensure that this duffel will look sophisticated for years to come, regardless of whether the wear-and-tear it earns is from all-terrain adventures, constant air travel, or simply endless weekends at the luxe campsite of your choice.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

And finally, for our North American readers who desire the experience of glamping but don’t want the hassle of planning or preparation, there is the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. This luxury retreat is located near Tofino, in the UNESCO Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve in British Columbia. “There could be no more fitting lodging for paradise than eco-touristic Clayoquot Wilderness Resort,” the National Geographic Traveler Magazine has declared, and with luxe amenities (a spa, deluxe five star tents, a gourmet cuisine described as ‘contemporary coastal’…) and adventures that range from horseback riding to paddle boarding, helicopter tours, repelling, and rock climbing, this resort offers a restorative journey that allows visitors to connect with nature while luxuriating in comfort.