July Buyer’s Guide: Summer Essentials

Image via FUNBOY (funboy.com)

Whatever your plans are this summer, we have you covered. Get in the right state of mind with these summer product picks that will make all your warm-weather dreams come true. Whether you’re getting ready for a cruise, picnic, island vacation, glamping, or pool party, there are certain summer essentials that everyone should have to make life better. Here’s our list.

FUNBOY: The World’s Finest Luxury Pool Floats

There’s something undeniably luxurious about the thought of floating on the turquoise waters of a backyard pool while sipping ice-filled cocktails. So why is it that most pool floats are so annoyingly…uncool? FUNBOY is the answer to those who want all of the fun while sacrificing none of the style. We’re loving the Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger, the FUNBOY Yacht Float (pictured above), and the Retro Palm Convertible. And hey, there’s nothing to say that luxury can’t veer ever so slightly into the lane of kitsch, especially if it brings the fun directly to us — for that, opt for the Rainbow Cloud Floating Bar, a must for a very grown-up pool party.

ZEAL Plant-Based Sunglasses

In an age of oil shortages and plastic alternatives, plants have come to the rescue.

The Zeal Incline is a polarized, super lightweight pair of sunglasses that makes landscape greens and blues pop. ProFlex rubber on the temple tips and nose bridge keep them in place, whether you’re heading up or down; they also weigh less than most sunglasses thanks to Zeal’s Z-Lite thin injection, which uses less material. However, what really sets them apart is the fact that they’re made of plants. The lenses feature Ellume bioplastic and the frames have Z-Resin Bioplastic. Save the planet and look rad at the same time.

BIOLITE Portable Campfire Cooking System

Once you experience camping with this cooking system from BIOLITE, your days of struggling to hang a kettle over a haphazardly built campfire will become a thing of the distant past. This fully integrated kit can grill, boil, cook, and charge — yes, charge, thanks to the fact that it is capable of generating 3 watts of power for charging your devices. It’s also capable of creating smokeless wood flames (it takes sticks, wood scraps, or pellets) and can boil a litre of water in four and a half minutes. It’s also perfect for long hikes; weighing just shy of five pounds, it won’t be a heavy burden, and is specifically designed for compact packing and storage. Ready to get grilling in the great outdoors? The grill-top can cook up to four burgers at once, so it’s perfect for feeding the whole family — or even just you, if you’re particularly ravenous after a long excursion.

CARAPATE Mini Caravan

The Carapate satisfies two desires simultaneously: our nostalgia for the vintage campers of our childhoods, and our longing to experience nature with (most of) the comforts of home. Made in France and inspired by the old “teardrop trailer” that traces its history back to 1930s California, the Carapate makes economic use of its limited space. At just 450 kg, it can be towed by most cars, and its marine plywood frame has insulating qualities that make this functional in summer and winter. Its solar panel and USB ports are also a welcome upgrade from those campers of yesteryear. Our favourite detail, though? The panoramic windows and a large side awning, creating a welcome cohesion between the interior space and the natural world beyond.

The YETI Tundra Haul Cooler

The YETI Tundra 350 Cooler is a really big cooler. Seriously, if you’re not stuffing it with fish, deer, or a whole bunch of beer, you could probably give yourself an ice bath. (Hey, you never know when you need to ease the pain of a sore muscle.) Grab a buddy to help you carry this via the Doublehaul™ handles, unless you have crazy reach, because this thing has a length of 63.25 inches. Whoa. Put it on the boat and tear it up on the open seas, stuffing your catch inside to keep it fresh along the way. We hope your boat is big.

ARIA True Wireless Earbuds

From a technical perspective, ARIA is one of the most advanced wireless earbuds ever. It uses the latest Bluetooth 5 technology for unparalleled connectivity range and high-speed data transmission for a seamless listening experience, completely removing audio-video sync issues plaguing earbuds with older technology.

xFyro’s ARIA also has advanced features not seen in most other earbuds, such as stereo calling, dual beamforming microphones, and high-speed charging that enables up to 3 hours of listening time after a quick 15-minute charge. Its one-step pairing process also makes pairing incredibly simple, and it can even automatically pair to multiple devices right out of its case. Even volume control and access to Google Assistant and Siri requires no more than a tap of a finger, making ARIA one of the most advanced headphones on the market today.

Along with these premium features, Aria was engineered to deliver astounding sound quality that will shock listeners when considering its price point compared to competitors. ARIA is available now for less than half its retail price at an impossible-to-beat early-bird pricing on Indiegogo.


The Polar Vantage M is the perfect running and multi-sport watch for anyone who loves training and setting new records. Its lightweight design makes it a great companion for any type of activity and classy enough to be worn for the rest of the day as well. It also allows for easy switching between sporty and woven bands, or pretty much any band out there that uses 22mm spring bars, so you can make it as rugged or as classy as you want.

GRAVITY Blankets

If you are traveling abroad or sleeping under the stars this summer, Gravity has created the ultimate weighted blanket that’s perfect for work trips, vacations, or just a quick getaway. The therapeutic weighted blanket is encased in a duvet cover made of faux tencel, a breathable fabric that’s suitable for all climates and easy to spot-clean and wipe down during travel. The blanket even comes with its own carrying case, making it easy to pack for adventures.

But Gravity products don’t stop there. Just released this past June, the fully redesigned Cooling Blanket has been finessed in its second generation.  It features a weighted inner blanket that uses fine-grade glass beads instead of plastic polypellets, providing a more luxurious user experience. It’s also now available in white and navy, in addition to Gravity’s signature grey.

INTECCIATO Leather Slides

Heads up — these are not your traditional shower shoes. The Bottega Veneta has long used its signature Intrecciato technique in lieu of logos. These slides have been made in Italy from strips of leather that are hand-laced for strength and set on chunky moulded footbeds and gripped soles. They’re smart enough to wear with linen trousers and a button-down shirt. Please remember, however, that these are not waterproof; keep these stylish slides away from the pool to ensure a long lifespan!

KIEHL’S Super Fluid UV Defence Sunscreen

Last on our list is perhaps the most essential. If you have no plans of laying low during the midday sun, protecting the skin is non-negotiable. With broad-spectrum SPF 50+ and pollution protection, Kiehl’s daily facial sunscreen helps defend skin from environmental aggressors and prevent the first signs of aging. This lightweight, noncomedogenic formula absorbs quickly into skin and leaves a matte finish. After all, the sun might be shining, but your skin doesn’t have to be.