Jessica Biel, Gaiam’s New Brand Ambassador

Jessica Biel is a woman of transformations. As a performer, her work covers a broad spectrum that makes it difficult — impossible, really — to put her in a box. An early role in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) threatened to categorize her as a “scream queen,” but Biel quickly shrugged this label with a resume that straddled countless genres. Roles in films like Blade: Trinity (2004), Next (2007), and Total Recall (2012) have elevated her to the status of action star; Valentine’s Day (2010) and Accidental Love (2015) have made her a sweetheart of the romantic comedy genre; roles in critically-acclaimed films like The Illusionist (2006), Hitchcock (2012), and a Golden-Globe-nominated turn as the lead in the 2017 television series The Sinner give the star a healthy amount of prestige and clout.

Biel has taken a brief hiatus from acting in the past while to focus on raising her son in the first year and a half of his life. But, never one to limit herself to a single role, she returned to the scene with a performance in the 2018 investigative journalism film Shock and Awe. But also new to her resume is a different vocation altogether: designer.

In 2017, yoga and wellness brand Gaiam announced that Biel would be joining its team as brand ambassador. There’s a special connection between the actor and the brand; Biel’s hometown of Boulder, Colorado is where Gaiam was founded and is currently headquartered. But her role with the company would be more hands-on than simply serving as a figurehead — she would also be designing a signature apparel collection.

The Gaiam x Jessica Biel capsule collection showcases Biel’s love of fashion. “We want to bring an elegance to athleisure and elevate it so that when you see the pieces, it looks familiar to what you see on the runways and you can think about wearing it out to dinner or to pick up your kids at school,” she shared in a press release. The goal of the collection, she explains, is to “create something that looks out of your price range but quite pleasantly is not.”

Biel, who has been a practicing yogi for over ten years, is keenly aware of the manner in which athleisure pieces need to function. But, being passionate about style on both the red carpet and a yoga mat, there’s an elegance to this collection that we’re loving.

We would perhaps describe the aesthetic here as “ballerina chic.” Rosy nudes, like those seen on the Bleeker High Neck Bra and the Bleeker Hi Rise Legging, would make these pieces feel right at home in a dance studio.

The pretty, regal Madison Coming & Going Wrap is the perfect piece to slip into after a workout. Its soft mesh will help the skin cool down.

The Hudson Asym Bra is a particular standout of the collection. We love that high choker detail, lending a sophisticated feel to the piece, and that asymmetrical design provides welcome visual interest.

The Houston Crop Sweatshirt and the Houston Short Sleeve Hoodie have a retro, sporty vibe that brings to mind vintage Adidas pieces.

The Hudson Bodysuit is an 80s-cool piece with pretty, peekaboo detailing at the neck.

One of our favourite pieces is the Bryant Cropped Coulette, applying a belled flair to sweatpants and dressing up this super comfy lounge wear.

Other highlights of the collection feature peekaboo detailing that glams up these neutral-toned basics, as seen in the Hudson Hi Rise Legging and the Hudson Strappy Tank.

To view the full collection and shop some of these unique pieces, click here.