JARVISH – The revolutionary motorcycle helmet, designed for today’s fast pace.

In the video game world, a Heads-Up Display, also known as a status bar, is a means of relaying vital information to the player. Health level, number of lives, time, ammunition, speed, compass, stealthometer – depending on the type of game, relevant stats are all displayed within the player’s peripheral vision. These usually appear on the corner or sides of the screen so that the player can monitor stats without ever taking their eyes away from the action at hand. It’s a design choice modelled after the head-up displays used in modern aircraft; airspeed, altitude, and much more are displayed via a scanning laser and negate the need for a pilot’s eyes to adjust in the shift between instruments and the outside world. It’s an incredible safety feature, one that evolved from midcentury military aircraft to widespread use in commercial passenger planes.

Jarvish Inc., a Taiwanese-based start-up, is now applying that technology to the motorcycle world. Meet the Jarvish X-AR smart helmet, toted by the company as “simply the smartest motorcycle helmet ever made.” An honouree of the 2020 CES Innovation Awards, the Jarvish features a retractable head-up display powered by the latest advanced augmented reality technology. This distraction-free, voice-activated design means that the wearer never needs to take their eyes away from the road. It is controlled and retracted by voice command, and conveniently displays directions, traffic conditions, weather, speed, indicators, hazard road signs, and even incoming caller ID – all within the wearer’s line of vision.

It is also engineered to be visible even in bright light; no matter how sunny the day, no matter how bright the surroundings, pertinent data is still easy to read. Good news for motorcyclists who love a mirage-heavy salt flat, say, or zipping westward across the prairies at sunset.

The Jarvish X-AR and its predecessor, the X model, feature 2K built-in front cameras, while the XAR features an additional 2K rear-facing camera. These provide 360° visibility of the road. And for influencers, these cameras offer another key feature: the ability to broadcast FHD video in real-time
to social media, all by way of a simple voice command. Videos are stored on a 256GB removable memory card.

Let’s take a look at the remaining specs before we move onto appearances. Automated sensors tun the helmet on once you put it on your head and turn it off when you remove it. Thanks to integrated GPS navigation technology that works in tandem with a corresponding app, users can input
destinations by voice and receive audio directions and visual aids on the head-up display. The helmet connects with voice services like Amazon Alexa, Siri, or OK Google for an entirely hands-free
experience – no tap-to-talk – meaning that the rider can control the cameras, place phone calls, play music, and adjust volume, all without ever taking their eyes away from the road.

Another key feature here is active noise cancellation. While newer electric motorcycles are getting a little quieter, the classic models are still known for their eardrum-splitting engine revs. That’s not to mention the deafening sound of wind when travelling at breakneck speeds. The Jarvish X-AR features proprietary noise cancellation technology to reduce wind noise while enhancing the human voice; even when driving at speeds exceeding a hundred kilometres an hour, those phone calls will still be crystal clear.

The technology housed within the Jarvish X-AR is impressive, but let’s be real; none of that would make it overly exciting if it didn’t also deliver in aesthetics. This motorcycle helmet is, for lack of a better word…cool. Its pure carbon fibre shell boasts a Tron design, with LED strip lights that make
the rider more visible while also making them seriously fashionable.
Jarvish Inc. is currently offering an early bird price of $1,455 CAD (as opposed to $2,117 – 31% off!) and is slated for shipping later this year.

Don’t let these babies drive off without you!