Inspiring Toys For Our Aspiring Kids

When you were a child, what did you dream of becoming when you grew up? Were you encouraged to reach for that dream or was it viewed as childish make-believe? Like many kids, perhaps you dreamed of being a fireman, policeman, or athlete; did your parents encourage you to pursue these fields, or did they nonchalantly suggest other professions?

Kids play, and what they play with is a little glimpse into what they enjoy. Perhaps the reason why they aspire to be the professions above is that these are all they know and all that they are exposed to. Many kids, for instance, dream of becoming teachers – after all, they know teachers. It’s a job they’re exposed to on a daily basis. They are taught, from a young age, that a fireman or policeman (or, of course, firewoman or policewoman) is a safe person to seek help from if they are lost or in trouble, and they see athletes on TV.

Many kids love playing dress-up, and the standard options usually range from capes to tutus, silly hats to superhero or princess costumes – but what if we gave them other options? What if, just as those silly hats and capes encourage fantasy and spark the imagination, we also provided them with the kinds of toys that inspired them to think outside the box when it comes to growing up? What if we gave them tool belts or stethoscopes, or even an abacus? What would they wish to be now? Would they desire to be a designer, a veterinarian, a homebuilder, or maybe even a mathematician?

Today’s children’s toy market is saturated with so many products, a ton of ‘stuff’; stuff that has become disposable, stuff that falls apart, stuff with toxins and stuff that does not inspire a child’s future. But wouldn’t you rather buy fewer toys of higher quality and toys that introduce your children to a world of different career opportunities? I’m sure most parents would say “yes!” to less clutter, less movable parts, less noise, and “yes!” to education, to longevity, to timelessness, and to durability. However, a full-time working parent rarely has the time to source these cherished products, so many of us count on big box stores to satisfy our kids’ imaginations.

So, for the busy moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents looking to spoil the little ones, here is a selection of quality toys from online stores like The Land Of Nod and Bazuva that will not only inspire your kids, but encourage them to aspire towards all that they dream of becoming:

(1) For the aspiring chef, nothing compares to a beautiful kitchen that is fully stocked with non-perishable foods and all your cooking needs!



(2) For the aspiring engineer, wooden building blocks allow the imagination to soar…the higher you go, the more squeals of excitement are bound to be heard!

building-blocks    crane-lift     blockitecture

(3) For the aspiring craftsman, carpenter, homebuilder, or home renovator, why not try a collection of tools for all ages.

plush-tools-of-the-trade    if-i-had-a-hammer-and-a-workbench     tool-bench

(4) For the aspiring medical practitioner – whether your child hopes to be a doctor, nurse, or vet – these doctor sets are equipped with all the necessities.

doctor-play-set doctor-costume vet-kit

(5) For the aspiring musician who dreams of playing in the symphony, these tasteful instruments will enhance any child’s world with the sound of music.

band-in-a-box       playful-piano       accordion


The act of play is an important part of childhood development, and as our future go-getters get ready to reach for the stars, let’s help them prepare for a life that inspires them to be ambitious, tough, compassionate – and most of all, creative.


Olivia Jelenić-Živkov
With a fervour for design and an addiction to décor, Olivia has been part of the Khachi team for nearly a decade. After studying Fine Arts at the University of Western Ontario, Olivia sought to further her studies and received her Bachelor of Interior Design from Ryerson University. Since graduating, she has worked internationally in Dubai with Cecconi Simone, assisted in Design & Art Direction on HGTV’s “Design Rivals” with Steven and Chris, and currently resides as Senior Designer and Decorating Manager for Khachi Interiors. Olivia has a strong love of all things beautiful, and channels her savoir-faire into every project. She is a dedicated wife and Mama who enjoys getting in touch with her spiritual side by practicing Reiki and reading Tarot.

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