Humbert & Poyet: Timeless Elegance in A 10th Anniversary Collection

The extraordinary creations of Paris-based agency Humbert & Poyet first captured our imagination thanks to its breathtaking renovation of a Paris landmark; Beefbar, a well-situated restaurant in the Golden Triangle of Paris’ Champs-Elysees, is the result of a massive restoration of art nouveau splendour.

Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet began working together shortly after they first met in 2007. “I knew right away we would work together, that much was clear,” says Emil Humbert of the fast partnership. Together the designers have created luxurious, rich interiors around the world; theirs is a portfolio that includes completed and in-progress restaurants, hotels, and upscale apartments everywhere from Mexico City to Dubai to Tel Aviv.

In celebration of the duo’s tenth anniversary, Humbert & Poyet has now launched its limited-edition collection of lighting and furniture. True to the timeless and elegant aesthetic found in every space the pair touches, this collection is one that relies on luxurious materials like bronze, marble, and alabaster.

The collection, which launched on April 30th at the Invisible Collection showroom in London, is an homage to the art deco movement. The pair approached the design of each piece with the same principle applied to all interior projects, from hospitality to residential: “luxury meant for everyday living.” Humbert and Poyet are masters of balancing drama and understatement; geometric shapes and bold colours offer impact, while fine metals and stones ground objects with a little beauty from the natural world.

When it comes to lighting, the silhouettes of the floor lamp, hanging lights, and table lamps tend toward minimalism with just the right amount of added visual interest; the arched frame of the Ava Floor Lamp, for instance, or the rippling pinhole shade of the Rita Table Lamp.

Two trinket bowls let the colours and patterns of the natural stone take front and centre, offering a dose of sophistication to a tabletop, desk, or mantle.

Perhaps most quintessentially art deco of all are the throw pillows, showcasing a palette that might call to mind a muted French flag, perhaps the way its colours might appear in a faded photograph captured long ago. Its scalloped print is reminiscent of the distinctive crown and spire of New York’s Chrysler building.

The sole furniture piece in the collection, the Theodore Chair, juxtaposes pale upholstery and a simple wood frame with the drama of a plush and playful silhouette. Think of it like falling onto a soft, 1920s-inspired cumulus cloud.

To see the whole collection, click through the gallery above. Looking for some art deco inspiration on this side of the Atlantic? Check out the iconic vintage architecture of Miami.