High-Tech Rides for Urban Commuters

Attention, thrill seekers and speed junkies. Once self-isolation ends, are you ready to make your daily commute a little more interesting?

Tearing down the streets at a heart-pounding clip doesn’t have to mean hopping into a sportscar or gripping a motorcycle throttle until your knuckles turn white. Thanks to some niche companies and savvy tech start-ups, adrenaline seekers can now find their fix in smaller—and more practical—rides than ever. Skateboard, scooters, segways…they’ve all been given the high-tech overhaul, and these toys are not for kids. Now you can get that little rush of speed on your way to work.

We’ve rounded up some of the most exciting, high-tech rides on the market today, ones that are changing the face of urban commuting. Scroll down for a look at three devices that will stylishly and excitingly change the way you get around. And if you decide to order one, we can’t stress this enough: ride with caution and wear a helmet.

Boosted Rev

Image via Boosted

Time voted the Boosted Rev one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2019. This electric scooter is made from vehicle-grade materials, with each and every component being custom-built and manufactured. The Canadian company, Boosted, was born out of necessity; a group of grad students were simply looking for a faster, better way to get around campus. Now, eight years after its launch on Kickstarter—which, at the time, was one of the most successful campaigns the platform had ever seen—the company boasts a line of electric skateboards and accessories that have captured the attention of some of the best tech publications out there.

The Boosted Rev is the company’s first foray into the world of electric scooters. At the forefront of the design process was ease-of-use; this scooter is intuitive and easy to control. (As the company says, there’s almost no learning curve.) The super advanced throttle system is the result of over forty prototypes and is operated with the simple roll of a thumb. Handlebars are ergonomic and inspired by mountain bikes. They feature an LED interface display so that the reader can easily keep track of speed, range, and battery level. There are three ride modes to suit various skill levels: 12mph, 18mph, and 24mph. This being high-tech, of course, do we even need to tell you that it comes with an integrated app for tracking miles, riding data, and controlling the headlights?

Best of all—you can fold and stow it.

Carbon GTR 2 in 1

Evolve Skateboards totes itself as the “Ferrari” of electric skateboards. The company designed the world’s first carbon electric skateboard in 2013, and today’s Carbon GTR upholds that legacy in a competitive market. The deck is handmade from 100% carbon fibre and sleekly houses the electric system; it is also built with a concave for added control. It tops out at a speed of 26mph and can travel up to 31 miles per full charge. This 2-in-1 is a combo of both the Street and All-Terrain models, offering the best of both worlds and plenty of versatility for tackling different conditions.

The Carbon GTR is Bluetooth enabled, meaning you can control acceleration and braking performance with your hands. The board offers 3000 watts of twin brushless sensored motor power and comes with options for two different kinds of wheels, the Evolve GT 97mm inline race formula wheels (made in the U.S.) or 7-inch all-terrain pneumatic tyres.

“If Batman owned an electric skateboard,” the company promises, “this would be it.”

Segway Drift W1

Image via Segway

These electric, self-balancing skates look like they were plucked right out of the future. They are made with Segway’s next-generation self-balancing technology, making them incredibly easy to ride. A high-power hub motor and spindle-shaped tread design allow for plenty of flexibility when it comes to steering. They’re also incredibly lightweight, with elastic bands functioning as handles for when you need to hop off and carry them by hand.

Underscoring the futuristic aesthetic is customizable LED lighting; the underbellies of these skates light up (standard display is blue, but three modes are available), which is a cool feature visually and a great safety feature on the practical side of things. 10mm silicon bumpers on each end of the skates protect the devices from wear and tear.

Charge time is approximately three hours, with an estimated top speed of 7.5 mph dependant on battery life and riding conditions. Not the fastest ride on the list, we know, but considering these are the kind of skates that require no strappings—you just hop on and go—it’s speedy enough for us!